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Jack Bamford

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This site represents just a small percentage of the fighter pilots, air gunners & other aircrew that flew for Canada. We're starting with those that have claims against enemy aircraft & those that won awards for bravery. Note, however, that one does not need to belong to either group to be posted here so if you have a friend or family member you'd like to see here, let us know.
You can also shoot us a message for pretty much any other reason. Just hit that
CONTACT button down there or use the eddress seen right below it. Cheers !


"Fortune Favors The Brave"
- Virgil


Bring Them Home

"Dear Sir,
  I am one of the thousands of mothers throughout Canada, who would have liked the consolation of having my son’s body brought home from an air man’s grave in France.
  Why oh why did you ever make such a cruel decision, you might have given us choice in the matter.
  I never expect to have enough money to visit that hallowed grave, I know my son would have liked to be beside his own people in our family plot.
  He was a fourth generation Canadian, but I would he had given his life for the American flag they, at least, appreciate the sacrifice of their heroes.
  Why do we have to emulate England, they have always had wars and never brought home their dead.
  It was not for lack of space to bury our loved, surely not money. The millions we spent to win the war, well and good, not enough money though to bring them home, no ships? Bring them home on our warships. Please, please Mr. King can’t you reverse your decision on this matter, its not too late, to make a lot of anguished hearts a little happier.
  You will see by my enclosed "clipping" how fair the United States Government is. What a wonderful gesture they are making, oh that I were to be given that wonderful and sacred privilege, of a choice as to where I would like to have my "baby" only 20 years old, to lie, as his last resting place, He would have my boundless gratitude, and my everlasting prayers.
Mr. King its never too late to mend a mistake.
(Signed) (Mrs.) Mabel Myers"
(mother of F/O "Cam" Myers, KIA 15 May 1943 with 421 Squadron)




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