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410 Squadron Photo

Gilze-Ruen, Holland, 14 June 1945

Front Row
Middle Row
Back Row
01) Bill Weir
02) Warren Hargrove [a]
03) Bill Turnbull
04) Dr John David Roger [b]
05) Jack W Roff [e]
06) Dave Adlam
07) Jack Whittaker
08) Pete Heybroek
09) Ian "Mac" MacTavish
10) Gordy Leask
11) Jack Davison
12) John ("John"?) Johnson
13) Don Fortune
14) Frank "Lefty" Larush (f)
15) Leroy "Brownie" Brown (f,h,i)
01) Eric "Collie" Collis
02) John Bamfield
03) Jerry Miller
04) "Russ" Russel
05) Johnnie Watt
06) George Ritches
07) Eric Ward
08) Neville Graham
09) "Robbie" Robinson
10) Bert Gallagher
11) Basil Monahan
12) George Graham
13) Frank Damarell (UK)(f)
01) Stuart Phoenix [g]
02) (Padre) Hocking
03) unk
04) unk
05) Jack Forget (f)
06) "Cris" Christy
07) William Nixon [d]
08) Ron Hildyard
09) Spy Knight *
10) Bill Anderson
11) Douglas D Paton [c]
12) "Andy" Anderson
13) Doug Dyer
14) ?? Johnson

If you can help identify any of these men, please help me out by clicking that "contact" link at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to the following for info :
[a] Daughter Elizabeth
[c] Joel Paton
[e] Daughter Lindley
[g] Son Skip
[i] Gr.son James
[b] Daughter Jean
[d] Son Keith
[f] Frank Damarell
[h] Daughter Sandra

Lindley's father Jack wrote names on the photo so most blanks have now been filled, but, confirmation is always appreciated. Thanks  Lindley!


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