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'City of Edmonton'


(Defend Even Unto Death)

Squadron Code Letters "TH"



Squadron Score

103.25 / 7 / 22

Plus 73 Destroyed On The Ground



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418 Squadron

December 1943 or January 1944

Back row standing: 01) unknown, 02) George Dougles “Dougie” Miller [j], 03) unknown, 04) Jim Harper, 05) unknown, 06) Don MacFadyen, 07) Jim "Pinky" Wright [d], 08) Bob Kipp [c], 09) Noel Gibbons, 10) Al Brown [g], 11) JRF Johnson [a], 12) unknown, 13) Howie Cleveland, 14) unknown, 15) Red Stewart [g], 16) Colin Finlayson [g], 17) Jim "Junior" Sharples

3rd row standing: 01) John "Doc" Stewart (PhD)[g], 02) unknown, 03) unknown, 04) Jack Connell [c], 05) Dave Carr [g], 06) John I. Clark [f], 07) Jim "Diamond Jim" Franklin, 08) Archie Martin, 09) Murl Jasper, 10) Lefty Miller [c], 11) Bert Ford [f], 12) Charlie Scherf, 13) Stan Humblestone [g], 14) John Evans [g], 15) Dick Williams (RAF)[g], 16) Merve Sims [g], 17) unknown, 18) Lou Luma (USAAF)

2nd row sitting: 01) unknown, 1b) Clifford W. "Tommy" Thompson (adj.)[g, k], 02) Bob Johnson (adj.), 03) Massey Beveridge, 04) Paul Davoud, 05) Don Macdonald [c], 06) Hal Lisson [e], 07) unknown, 08) Gwynn "Morrie" Morris (I/O) [g], 09) Keith Reynolds [g], 10) unknown

1st row kneeling: 01) unknown, 02) Ted Wildgoose (RWO)[g], 03) unknown, 04) Glen Clarence Scott [b], 05) Bernard Bays [g], 06) Stan Wilson [h], 07) John James Patrick McGale [l], 08) Frank Day, 09) Roger James Gurnett [i], 10) unknown, 11) unknown

As you can see, I've been getting lots of help and we're down to only 15 missing names!

"Thanks for the help!" goes out to :

[a] Desmond Sweeney
[b] Bill Scott (uncle Glen was an armorer)
[c] Lou Luma (via Chris Wilkinson)
[d] Brian Walsh (son in law)
[e] Paul Lisson (son)
[f] Anne Clark-Stewart (daughter)
[g] Bruce McLaren (son of Don McLaren, not pictured)
[h] Bruce Macdonald (son of Don Macdonald)
[i] Ruth Robertson (daughter)
[j] Marjory Miller (daughter)
[k] Dan Thompson (son)
[l] Brent McGale (son)




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