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421 Squadron July 1942

July 1942

Front row left to right:

01) C.A. Davis, Kelowna, BC
02) J.K. Landen, [Landern?] N. Bay
03) L.H. Meldeau, S. Carolina, USA
04) Alex C. Aitken, Toronto, KIA
05) Webb Harten, S.St. Marie, KIA
06) T.S. Judd, Hamilton, ON
07) "Cam" D. Myers, Windsor, KIA
08) H.S. Wells, Galt, ON
09) D.M. Iverach, Winnipeg,
10) C.G. Whitney, Saskatoon
11) "Red" Omand, Wellesley, ON
12) C.G. Hutchings. Saskatoon, KIA
Back row left to right:

01) "Hap" Kennedy, Ottawa
02) J.H. Murray, Paris, ON
03) T. Koch, Dilke, Sask.
04) Joseph Chasanoff, Winnipeg
05) Graham Robertson, Toronto
06) Frank C. Willis, Saskatoon, KIA
07) J.H. Long, St. John, NB
     (may be John Herbert Long KIA with 126 Sqn)
08) R. Cudham, Winnipeg
09) Art R. Sager, Vancouver
10) Robert Clasper, Winnipeg, KIA with 412 Sqn



421 Squadron summer 1943

Early Summer 1943

Standing at the extreme rear are:

P/O C.D. Myers, Windsor, ON (hands in pockets)
Sgt M.B. Dixon, Sudbury, ON (no cap)
P/O Webb E. Harten, Sualt St. Marie, ON (pronounced lean)
P/O Al Fleming, Smiths Falls, ON (behind fuselage)
F/O J.D. McFarlane, Portland, Maine (behind fuselage)
Seated from left to right on the wing are:

P/O D.J. Bullock, Montreal (in cap)
F/O H.P. Zary, New York (no cap)
P/O R.T. Heeney, Ottawa (no cap - partially hidden)
P/O J.S. Hicks, Ottawa (slit hat)
F/L Art Sager, Vancouver, a flight commander (no cap)
Standing to the right of the crest are:

S/L J.D. Hall, the CO, Toronto (slit hat)
F/L Phil Blades, Victoria, B.C. (in cap)
Lt. Dennis Hilliard, Navy Air Arm (no cap)
P/O J.A. "Red" Omand, Wellesley, ON (in cap)
Squatting in the foreground are:

S/P Frank Joyce
F/O Frank Minton, Edmonton, Intelligence Officer
Sgt R.W. "Hap" Beall, Canal Zone
P/O Bob Isbister, Toronto
P/O Tommy Kelley, Toronto
F/O Claude Angus, Marshall, Sask., Squadron Adjutant



421 Squadron August 1943

August 1943

Front row :

P/O Robert "Izzy" Isbister, Toronto
F/L Roger C. Wilson, Toronto
F/O Johnny Drope, Regina
F/O Philip G. Musgrave, Winnipeg
F/L Walter S. Quint, Guelph, ON
F/O R. Gordon Driver, Toronto
F/S Ivors Forster, Thornhill, ON
F/O Daniel K. Wilson, Brantford, ON
F/L John N. Patterson, Ottawa
Second row :

P/O Jack Bamford, Hamilton, ON
F/O Wilbert "Webb" Harten, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
F/O Leonard R. Thorne, London ON
F/L Robert D. "Dagwood" Phillip, Toronto;
S/L Robert W. McNair, North Battleford, Sask.
W/C James E. "Johnny" Johnson
S/L Norman E. Fowlow, DFC, Windsor, N.S.
P/O John A. Omand, Wellesley, ON
F/O Henry P. M. "Hank" Zary, New York City
F/O Ralph W. Nickerson, Moncton, M.B.
Third row :

F/O Nick B. Dixon, Sudbury, ON
P/O William F. Cook, Clinton, ON
P/O Karl R. Linton, Plaster Rock, NB
P/O John S. Hicks, Ottawa
F/O Paul G. Johnson, Bethel, Conn.
P/O Thurne "Tommy" Parks, Oshawa, ON
F/O Alan E. "Al" Fleming, Smiths Falls, ON
F/L Fredrick J. "Johnny" Sherlock, Calgary
P/O Percy Alan Mclachlan, Vancouver
P/O Horace F. Packard, Montreal
F/O C. G. "Gerry" DeNancrede, Calgary




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