Walter George Kemp

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Waler Kemp

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KEMP, P/O Walter George (J88367) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.640 Squadron
Award effective 6 January 1945 as per London Gazette dated 19 January 1945 and
AFRO 508/45 dated 23 March 1945.

"completed...numerous operations against the enemy in the course of which [he has] invariably displayed the utmost fortitude, courage and devotion to duty."


Born 1923 at Fort Fraser, B.C.
Home there
Enlisted in Vancouver, 17 May 1941
Formerly in Royal Canadian Artillery
Trained at
No.2 WS (graduated 5 January 1942) &
No.2 BGS (graduated 22 June 1942)
Commissioned in 1944

Medal presented 14 May 1948


Public Records Office Air 2/9038 has recommendation dated 17 October 1944 when he had flown 44 sorties (276 hours 31 minutes). His first tour is summarized as 7 November 1942 to 2 September 1943 (27 sorties, 201 hours 30 minutes). The comments by the station commander say more about his first tour (see below); second tour and unit Commanding Officer's recommendation as follows:

12 May 44
20 May 44
25 May 44
  3 Jun 44
  6 Jun 44
  7 Jun 44
  8 Jun 44
22 Jun 44
30 Jun 44
  6 Jul 44
29 Jul 44
  5 Aug 44
13 Aug 44
27 Aug 44
10 Sep 44
17 Sep 44
14 Oct 44
Colline Beaumont
Villers Bocage
Foret de Nieppe
Foret de Nieppe

Pilot Officer Kemp has completed no less than 44 sorties against a wide variety of targets including Brunswick, Duisburg, Nuremburg and Homburg.

He is a skilful Mid-Upper Gunner who has on all occasions displayed the most praiseworthy coolness and courage whilst in action. One night, whilst attacking Mannheim, this officer's aircraft was hit by a 30-pound Incendiary Bomb which fell from one of our own aircraft and went through the mid-upper turret, smashing the perspex and cutting his parachute harness from his body. The tail unit of the incendiary was found afterwards in the aircraft on landing at base.

Although in great physical discomfort through intense cold, this officer kept cheerful and was an inspiration to the rest of his crew.

Over a long period of operational flying, Pilot Officer Kemp has shown outstanding enthusiasm and devotion to duty of the highest order, and I consider that his fine record is worthy of recognition.

To this, the Station Commander adds:

Pilot Officer Kemp is an outstanding Air Gunner who has consistently displayed great courage and a fine fighting spirit which, combined with his efficiency in the air, has gone a long way towards the successes achieved by his crew on a large number of varied targets which have included Pilson, Stettin, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, and no less than twenty attacks on Ruhr cities. Pilot Officer Kemp has also participated in many operations against targets in Italy and occupied territories and has, in addition, undertaken lengthy and hazardous mining in vital enemy waters.

On two occasions in particular when attacking Stettin and Frankfurt, Pilot Officer Kemp by his skill and cool determination in action, not only saved his aircraft and crew from disaster, but ensured the successful bombing of these two heavily defended enemy targets.




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