Jean Albert Marc Turner

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Born in Hurdman’s Bridge, Ontario 9 November 1922
Enlisted in Ottawa, 4 February 1941
2 Manning Depot, Brandon, Man., 6 February 1941
5 BGS, Dafoe, Sask., 28 March 1941
3 WS, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 13 May 1941
5 BGS, Dafoe, Sask., 25 September 1941
1 Y Depot, Halifax, NS, 27 October 1941
RAF Trainee Pool, 11 November 1941
Embarked Halifax , 12 November 1941
3 PRC Bournemouth, 23 November 1943
1 Signals School, Cranwell, 23 December 1941
23 OTU, Pershore, 17 March 1942
RAF 103 Squadron, Elsham Wolds, 20 May 1942
Missing after air operations (overseas), 9 June 1942
Presumed dead for official purposes, 17 October 1942


Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, Oct, 18, (CP) The Royal Canadian Air Force in its 398th casualty list of the war yesterday reported four men missing and believed killed during overseas air operations, six missing after overseas air operations and one killed on active service in Canada.
The overseas section of the list also contained the names of two men who are prisoners of war, one previously reported missing and now for official purposes presumed dead, one dangerously ill on active service and one seriously ill from injuries suffered on active service. The list of casualties, with next-of-kin includes:

TURNER, Jean Albert Marc, Sergeant.
Previously reported missing overseas now for official purposes presumed dead.
Mrs. George Turner (mother), Hurdman's Bridge, Ontario




Thanks to nephew Mark (another uncle was a pilot) for the photos & infos !

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