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Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, Aug. 24, 1944 — The Department of National Defense for Air today issued Casualty List No. 970 of the Royal Canadian Air Force, showing next of kin of those named from Ontario as follows:

Killed on Active Service
DUFFY, Warren Alvin, FO., Wolfville, N.S.
PEACOCK, John Williamson Frederick. F/L, Westmount. Que.


Home in Montreal.
Enlisted there 19 April 1941.
Killed in action 7 August 1944 (Mosquito MM587).
Buried in France.


PEACOCK, F/L John Williamson Frederick (C7971) - Mention in Despatches - No.409 Squadron
Award effective 14 January 1944 as per London Gazette of that date &
AFRO 874/44 dated 21 April 1944.

This officer is the Navigator Radio Leader of the Squadron. Through his efforts, skill and determination he is mainly responsible for the high degree of efficiency in the A.I. work being carried out by this squadron. A well above average Navigator/Radio. During the course of operations he has assisted his pilot in destroying an enemy aircraft.


Victories Include :

14 June 1944 1:45 am
20 June 1944 2:35 am
26 July 1944 12:01 am
one He177
one Ju88
one Ju88
Mossie MM560 KP-F
Mossie MM587
Mossie MM587

2 / 0 / 1

All with "Wendy" Reid as pilot.

At the end of July 1944 when Windy became tour expired, Massey Beveridge DFC, took command of 409 squadron & Peacock became Beveridge's Navigator. On 6 August, less than two weeks after his last kill with Reid, Peacock died when he & Beveridge were shot down by a Ju88 & a FW190 that were night hunting together. As they were attempting to bale out, Beveridge got stuck in the pilot's hatch & Peacock found the Nav's hatch to be jammed. At the last second, just before they crashed, Peacock turned and pushed Beveridge out his hatch. The W/C's 'chute barely had time to open but he landed unhurt, Peacock went in with the ship.





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