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"The last week in march saw 410's war take a turn for the better. F/Ls G. R. Leask and J. W. Roff took off from Amiens to patrol the Dordrecht-Arnhem area. Soon they had a contact. To their disgust, it turned out to be a Mosquito. Another contact then appeared but soon flew into a flak zone. A third contact was the one they were awaiting. Silhouetted against the moon was a Me.110. Leask opened fire, scoring hits on both wings and one engine. The Zerstorer steepened its dive and exploded on impact with the ground." - from 410 Squadron History


Born 11 September 1915 in Alberni, British Columbia.
Son of George Chapman Roff & Florence Watford of
Bedford, Bedfordshire, England.
Enlisted in the RCAF around April 1941.
Trained at Saskatchewan.
Graduated in December 1941.
While on leave he married Joan Penelope Deans,
27 December 1941 in Victoria, B.C.
(They would eventually have four children, three living to adulthood).
Posted overseas around February 1942.
Volunteered for AI school in Scotland.
Flew Beaufighters & Mosquitos.
With 409 sqn. from July 1942 until his transfer to 410 sqn., summer 1944.
"A" Flight commander, 410 Squadron.
After the war he enrolled in the University of B.C. (UBC) &
earned his degree in Forestry.
He raised his family in BC were he worked at the Forest Products Laboratory
as a wood pathologist until he retired around 1975 after 30 years of service.
When the kids had all flown the coop, he & Joan relocated to Nanoose Bay
on vancouver Island, where they built their retirement home.
Unfortunately, Joan died the following year.
Jack remarried & had 26 years with Win who
introduced him to horses, history & music.
Throughout his life he maintained a lively interest
in everything in the natural world.
"He was a great dad to the three of us."


Victories Include :

24/25 March 1945 one Me110 destroyed * Greffelcamp area

1 / 0 / 0

*Gordy Leask was the pilot





Thanks to daughter Lindley for the photos & infos !

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