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TREBELL, Sergeant James Gillham (R69545) - DFM - No.89 Squadron (deceased)
Award effective 15 Feb. 1943 as per London Gazette dated 19 Feb. 1943 &
AFRO 410/43 dated 12 March 1943

As observer this airman was displaying high courage and skill in flying operations. Recently he took part in the destruction, despite strong opposition, of four enemy aircraft by night. Throughout, Sergeant Trebell's gallantry and devotion to duty have been an inspiration and example to all in his squadron.


Born in Toronto, 20 July 1919
Son of James Vivian and Elva Trebell, Toronto
Home in Toronto
Served in Governor General's Horse Guards
(10 February 1936)
To 7 May 1940, rising to Lance Corporal
Enlisted in Toronto, 22 June 1940
No.1 Manning Depot, Toronto, 24 June 1940
No.2 ITS, Regina, 30 June 1940
(Promoted LAC, 17 August 1940) &
To No.1 WS, Montreal
To No.4 BGS, Fingal, 21 December 1940
Promoted Sergeant, 20 January 1941
Posted from No.4 BGS, 30 January 1941 &
posted to Military Rest Camp, Halifax
Arrived in United Kingdom, 2 March 1941
To No.12 OTU, 15 March 1941
To No.1 Signals School, 3 April 1941
To No.406 Squadron, 25 June 1941
To No.3 Radio School, 11 July 1941
To No.406 Squadron, 24 November 1941
(Promoted Flight Sergeant, 1 December 1941)
To Station Acklington, 1 January 1942
To No.89 Squadron, 2 March 1942
Flew with pilot Herbert Mitchell
Both were KiFA 22 December 1942
(in Beaufighter FX772)
Aircraft was in landing circuit when the
- dinghy stored in the wing blew out,
- wrapped around the tail surfaces,
- & the aircraft stalled & crashed
Buried at the Bone War Cemetery, Algeria
Subsequently commissioned in March 1943
(with effect from 24 October 1942)
Award presented by Governor General
- to next-of-kin, 22 April 1944



London Gazette #35936 dated 12 March 1943 (Supplement to the Gazette of 9 March)
has an amendment to the DFM notice in Gazette #35911 (above). It says his service #
is Can/R.69565, not Can/R.69545.


Victories Include :

14/25 June 1942
28/29 June 1942

11/12 Dec. 1942
one BR.20M
one Ju.87
one Ju.88
one Ju.88
destroyed [1]
destroyed [2]
4 M E of Malta
Malta-Gozo area
(Beaufighter X7748, AC)

(Beaufighter X7676, AJ)

4 / 0 / 0

All aerial victories in which he participated were with pilot
F/L Herbert Elgin Mitchell who, strangely, was not decorated

[1] MM24133 of 264 Sq., 88 Gruppo BT. Ten Angelo Resenghetti & crew lost
     (Originally claimed as a 4-engined bomber)
[2] Of 239 Squadriglia, BaT - Serg Magg Dino Fabbri POW, gunner killed

Stats from "Those Other Eagles" by Shores




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