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CHOWN, F/O Clinton Warren (J19991) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.515 Squadron
Award effective 31 October 1944 as per London Gazette of that date &
AFRO 1/45 dated 5 January 1945.

Flying Officer Chown has successfully completed numerous sorties over Germany and German occupied territory. He has destroyed four hostile aircraft, one of which he shot down during a daylight mission far into Reich territory despite the accurate anti-aircraft fire that was directed at his aircraft from the ground. He has consistently displayed the greatest skill, resource and tenacity.


Born 4 November 1920 at Dubuc, Saskatchewan
Home in Mirror, Alberta
Enlisted in Calgary, 14 February 1941
Trained at
No.2 ITS (graduated 16 June 1941)
No.5 EFTS (graduated 8 August 1941) &
No.7 SFTS (graduated 24 October 1941)

Promoted to
Flight Sergeant, 24 April 1942
W/O2, 24 October 1942
W/O1, 24 April 1943
Commissioned 15 September 1943
Flying Officer, 15 March 1944

Arrived in UK, 23 November 1941
To No.1455 Flight, 14 March 1942
   (Tangmere, flying Turbanlight Bostons)
to No.51 OTU, 14 April 1942
   (Blenheims and Bostons)
to No.287 Squadron, 9 July 1942
   ("beating up gun positions, &
     flying courses for searchlights")
Served with
No.515 Squadron, 19 July 1943 to 23 Sept. 1944
  (150 operational hours
  last sortie on 23 September 1944
  Intruding and jamming radar
  Flew eight day fighter patrols
  Four ASR sorties
  31 or 32 night fighter patrols
  Flew 160 operational hours &
  715 hours 35 minutes non-operational)
Returned to Canada, November 1944
Released 13 September 1945
Served in postwar RCAF from Feb.'52 to Feb.'59
(mainly with No.407 Squadron)
Award presented 26 February 1949.
Photo PL-34347 shows him with F/O E.M. Aldred


Toronto Airman In RCAF Awards

Ottawa, Nov, 1, 1944 - (CP) - Award of the Distinguished Service Order to one member of the RCAF overseas and the Distinguished Flying Cross to six others was announced tonight by Air Force Headquarters.
The DSO went to Sqdn Ldr. R. K. Hayward of St. John's, Newfound land, credited with destroying five enemy aircraft. He had "proved himself a most courageous leader," Headquarters said.
Recipients of the DFC were: S/L J.A. Hatch of 145 Douglas Drive, Toronto; F/L H. McLachlan of Aden, Alta.; F/L F. B. Young of Vancouver; F/O C. W. Chown of Mirror, Alta.; F/O H. L. Davenport of Russellville, Arkansas; F/O H. J. L. McKinley, Nassau, Bahamas, West Indies.


Victories Include :

27/28 June 1944
30 June 1944
one Ju88
one He111
one u/i e/a
destroyed &
damaged OTG


1 / 0 / 0  plus

1 / 0 / 1  On The Ground

Chris Shores lists these claims but citation says 4 destroyed




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