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Ottawa, March 26, 1943 (CP). — Air Force Headquarters tonight announced award of Distinguished Flying Crosses to F/L Arthur Charles Cochrane of Vernon, B.C., a Canadian, flying with the R.A.F.,and P/O Jack Pershing Berry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berry of Parkersburg,W. Va. Berry is a United States pilot flying with the R.C.A.F. overseas.
The citation of F/L Cochrane said that "one night in January,1943, in moonlight, he destroyed a three-engined enemy aircraft, bringing his total victories to seven enemy aircraft destroyed."
In July 1942, P/O Berry participated in the bombing of Düsseldorf. His aircraft was attacked by an enemy night fighter, which was shot down by the rear gunner. The crew flew on and bombed the target successfully. While bombing the Ruhr in daylight by skillful airmanship, P/O Berry made use of scanty cloud cover and completed a successful mission.


Born in Vernon, British Columbia, 27 April 1919.
Son of A.O. Cochrane & Helen Cochrane, of Vancouver, BC.
Brother of Ace fighter pilot Homer Cochrane.
Attended Vernon High School.
Went to the UK to join the RAF on graduation.
Trained at
No.3 E&RFTS, Hamble, April 1939,
No.8 FTS, Montrose &
No.14 SFTS, Kinloss.
Appointed Acting P/O on Probation, 24 June 1939.
May have joined 263 Sq. & flown in Norway in April 1940.
Joined 257 Squadron, Hendon, 23 May 1940.
257 became operational 1 July & moved to Northolt.
Flew in the Battle of Britain until 15 September when
he was injured in a car accident.
Promoted to Flying Officer, 10 April 1941.
Promoted to Flight Lieutenant, 10 April 1942.
Joined 87 Sq. at Charmy Down, end of August 1942.
87 Sq. moved to North Africa in November.
Failed to return from a patrol on 31 March 1943.
Missing, presumed dead.
His name is on the Malta Memorial Panel 6 Column 1.

AFRO 757/43 dated 30 April 1943 (reports his DFC).
AFRO 925/43 dated 21 May 1943 (reports him missing)
AFRO 166/44 dated 28 January 1944 (reports his death).
All describe him as a Canadian in the RAF.
Air Ministry Bulletin 9702 refers.


COCHRANE, F/L Arthur Charles (42195) - Distinguished Flying Cross
Awarded as per London Gazette 30 March 1943.

Since joining the squadron in August 1942, Flight Lieutenant Cochrane has shown himself to be a most capable and keen pilot and flight commander. One night in January 1943, in moonlight, he destroyed a three-engined enemy aircraft, bringing his total victories to seven enemy aircraft destroyed. This officer has consistently displayed high courage and great devotion to duty.

NOTE: Public Record Office Air 2/8942 has recommendation dated 1 February 1943 submitted by Squadron Leader Measures; it noted he had flown 857 hours (62 in previous six months) of which approximately 150 were operational hours (about 90 sorties).

The above-named officer served with No.257 (Burma) Squadron (Spitfires) from April 1940 to January 1941, during which time he personally destroyed six enemy aircraft:

one Messerschmitt 109,
one Messerschmitt 110,
one Dornier 17,
one Heinkel 111K,
two Dornier 215s,
and damaged seven others.

From January 1941 to July 1941 he served as an instructor at No.56 Operational Training Unit, and from July 1941 to July 1942, at No.60 Night Operational Training Unit.

In August 1942 he joined No.87 Squadron as a Flight Commander and whilst under my command has shown himself a most capable and keen pilot and Flight Commander. On the 22nd January 1943 he took off in a Hurricane at 0630 hours by moonlight and destroyed a three-engined enemy aircraft 30 miles north of Bougie. In undertaking a sorties of this nature from a new and somewhat hazardous landing ground, this officer displayed courage of a high degree and the greatest devotion to duty.

The Group Captain commanding No.323 Wing concurred on 5 February 1943, and the Air Officer Commanding, Eastern Air Command (RAF) agreed on 22 February 1943.


Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, Jan. 18, 1944 — The Department of National Defense for Air has issued Official Casualty List 782 as follows:


Presumed Dead

COCHRANE, Arthur Charles, D.F.C., F/L, Vernon, B.C.


Victories Include:

8 Aug. 1940
12 Aug. 1940
18 Aug. 1940

31 Aug. 1940
7 Sep. 1940
15 Sep. 1940

22 Jan. 1943
one Me109E
one He111
one Do17
one Do17
one Me110
one Do17
1/2 Do17
1/4 He111
one SM79
(SE of Martlesham)
(Thames Estuary) &
(S of Clacton)
(Blackwater River)
(Foulness Point)
(Bougie, Tunisia)

4.75 / 1 / 2

Stats from Aces High 2nd Ed.

His Hurricane had six swastikas & one ice cream cone to denote his kills




Thanks to Diane for the info !

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