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Flt.-Lieut. George Johnson Has Destroyed Four Enemy Planes,
Damaged Several

August 3, 1944 - Another Hamilton fighter pilot has achieved the enviable record of four enemy planes destroyed and a score more damaged and probably destroyed. He is F/L George W. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson, 102 Beechwood Avenue, who knocked down another Hun fighter over Normandy battlefields yesterday. F/L William Olmsted, son of Major R. I. Olmsted, M.C., and Mrs. Olmsted, and F/L Jack Bamford, D.F.C., share the record of four "certain kills” F/L Bamford is now missing.
According to a Canadian Press dispatch from France, "three German aircraft were destroyed over the battlefronts yesterday by Canadian Spitfire pilots flying from Normandy bases. One fell to F/L R. R. Bouskill, of Toronto; one to F/L R. H. Cull, of Alberta, and one to F/L Johnson.
Now into his second tour of operations, F/L Johnson has scored at least three of his kills since D-day.
He was posted overseas last June after having served for a year as instructor in Canada. He was awarded his wings at Dunnville. Employed in the offices of the Steel Company of Canada, prior to his enlistment, he attended Prince of Wales School and Central High School of Commerce. His father is a Great War veteran.
According to today's dispatch from overseas, the Canadians are members of a squadron commanded by S/L Charlie Trainor, of Charlottetown, and their victories raised to 92 since D-day the score of the wing led by W/C Dal Russel, of Montreal. An individual victory was marked up Wednesday by F/O Terry Saunderson, of Dorval, Que., who forced a German pilot to bale out at 3,000 feet.


Born 28 February 1922 in Seba Beach, Alberta
Home there (student, University of Saskatchewan)
Enlisted Edmonton, 13 September 1940
Trained at
No.2 ITS (graduated 27 November 1940)
No.5 EFTS, Lethbridge (graduated 16 January 1941)
No.3 SFTS, Calgary (graduated 4 May 1941)
Commissioned 5 May 1941
To Station Trenton (instructor's course), 18 May 1941
To No.31 EFTS, 6 November 1941
Flying Officer, 5 May 1942
To No.133 Squadron, 7 September 1942
Flight Lieutenant, 1 February 1943
To Halifax, 16 March 1943
Arrived in UK, 16 April 1943
To No.412 Squadron, 12 June 1943
To No.401 Squadron, 6 February 1944
To Air Defence Great Britain, 11 September 1944
To Air Fighting Development Unit, 11 September 1944
To Central Flying School, 16 October 1944
To No.83 Group Pool, 9 March 1945
To No.401 Squadron, 17 March 1945
To No.412 Squadron, 22 June 1945
To Canada, 7 August 1945
Released 25 September 1945

First tour was 140 sorties (230 hours)
Second tour was 55 sorties (75 hours)

Award presented 27 May 1950

Photo PL-30223 shows him beside a Spitfire


CULL, F/L Richard Henry (J5065) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.401 Squadron
Award effective 7 July 1945 as per London Gazette dated 20 July 1945 and
AFRO 1453/45 dated 14 September 1945.

This officer is now on his second tour of operational duty. On his first tour Flight Lieutenant Cull destroyed two enemy aircraft and damaged three more. He has destroyed two more enemy aircraft during his second tour. He has also taken part in attacks against enemy rail and road transport. This officer has proved himself to be a conscientious and courageous pilot who has set an excellent example to all.


Victories Include :

  7 June 1944

  1 July 1944
17 July 1944
  3 Aug 1944
20 April 1945

one Ju88
one Me109
one FW190
one Me109
one FW190
one Me109
one FW190
W of Caen
S of Domfront


4 / 0 / 3

He also claimed :

3 locomotives & 10 rail cars damaged
10 MET destroyed & 41 MET damaged




Photo courtesy of Hap Kennedy and can been found in his book "Black Crosses Off My Wingtips"

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