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Moncton Grads

Moncton, N.B., Nov. 5, 1942 - (CP) - A group of youthful airmen graduated today from No. 8 Service Flying Training School here and received their wings from Wing Commander J.C. Huggard, new commanding officer at the school.
The Ontario graduates included: Hugh Anderson Armstrong, James Scott Bell, Sydney Walter Brown, Toronto; Frank Clifford Bull, Hamilton; Harvey Lloyd Curry, Orangeville; Garrett Joseph Doyle, Iroquois Falls; Sergeant Joseph Christopher Edwards, Pembroke; Richard Fox, Hamilton; Donald B. Freeborn, Chapleau; Hugh Robert Gilpin,
Toronto; Arthur Gillespie, Toronto; George Heslop, Kirkland Lake; Wilber Lee Miller, Hamilton; Joseph Patrick Jones Paul, Toronto; Donald Stewart, Essex; Frank McDonald Thomas, Sergeant James Waslyk, Jack Whitney Wright, Toronto.


Born in Iroquois Falls, Ontario, 3 Feb. 1921
Enlisted in the RCAF in September 1941
Trained at:
  3 ITS  Victoriaville,
21 EFTS Chatham &
  8 SFTS Moncton
Winged & Commissioned, November 1942
Posted to the UK in December
17 (P)AFU &
59 OTU until June 1943
He returned to this unit in August
Joined 1489 Flight (target-lowing) in Sept.
Then 16 APC in October
Then RAF Scorton in December
Returned to 16 APC in March 1944
Moved to 57 OTU in June & finally
Posted to 442 Squadron in August 1944
On 18 August, his Spit MN718
- was hit by Flak & written off
Promoted F/L in November 1944
On 24 February 1945 he became separated
from his group when the radio of MJ464
went dead. He was apparently hit by flak &
bailed out but was never seen again


"Thick ground fog and low cloud kept the Wing from flying on the 30th but on New Year’s Eve they were out again to add to their scores. The Grizzly Bears and the Caribous were successful. The Bears made a sweep of the Rheine-Munster area and F/L Boyle sighted a Ju.88 which he destroyed, pilot and navigator both baling out. Shortly afterwards a long-nosed FW.190 attempted a bounce but was shot down by F/O Graham"

from "The RCAF Overseas - The Sixth Year"


Canadians Down Six Nazi Planes

AN ADVANCED R.C.A.F. AIRFIELD IN HOLLAND — The top-scoring Canadian Spitfire wing flying support for the Canadian 1st Army offensive shot down six German aircraft Thursday, and in addition, it was disclosed Friday, scored six rail line cuts, destroyed one locomotive, damaged six, damaged nearly 50 railway cars and one motor transport, blew up four warehouses and made direct hits on a road.
At the same time, Canadian Typhoons showered German border towns in the vicinity of Wesel, Udem and Geldern with hundreds of new-type anti-personnel bombs. These towns were marshalling points for German reinforcements.
Typhoons also made at least 10 rail cuts around Wesel and Kempen which normally would be used by the Germans in shifting reinforcements and Supplies to the fighting zone.
Pilots of the Caribou squadron sighted a formation of five Stuka dive-bombers north of Gladbeck and destroyed all five. F/L D.C. Gordon, D.F.C., of Vancouver, shot down two of them and shared in the destruction of a third with F/L J.G. Doyle, who also destroyed another. Bill Barker of Vancouver got the 5th.
The Canadians were enthusiastic about the results of the new Molotov cocktail anti-personnel bombs which they dropped on a dozen towns where German troops were quartered.


Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, Nov. 19, 1945 — The Department of National Defense for Air today issued casualty lists Nos, 1293, 1294 and 1295. LIST NO. 1293

Previously reported missing now presumed dead

DOYLE, Joseph Garrett, Flt. Lieut., H. B. J. Doyle (Father), Iroquois Falls.


Victories Include :

31 Dec 1944
  8 Feb 1945

one Ju88
1.5 Ju87s
destroyed *
destroyed **

2.5 / 0  / 0

* Shores says Bf109          
** Shared with Chunky Gordon




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