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Sgt. Ian McKenzie Duff Received Wings Saturday
Only Hamiltonian of Class Which Was Graduated at Dunnville
— All Parts of Canada and U.S. Represented

Dunnville, July 28, 1941— Squadron-Ldr. W. B. Burnett, of the Royal Air Force, who has been attached to No. 6 Service Flying Training school, R.C.A.F., since it opened last November, presented "wings" to a large class of graduating pilots on Sunday afternoon. Group Capt. A. H. Hull, officer commanding the school, said that Squadron-Ldr. Burnett was leaving shortly for another post and the honor of presenting the "wings" was as a tribute for the work he had done at the school.

Close Check-up at Gate
Despite the intense heat, there was a large attendance of relatives and friends of the graduates in attendance. A particularly close check-up was made at the gate and only invited guests and accredited press representatives were allowed inside. Addressing the gathering inside the drill hall, where the ceremony took place, Group Captain Hull explained the reason for the rigid checkup, pointing out that the station was not open to the general public at any time and that only properly identified relatives and friends of the graduating class members were admitted to the "wings" ceremony.
Group Captain Hull, after inspecting the class, congratulated the members on the successful completion of their studies at the school. Speaking of co-operation, the value of which has been stressed at nearly all "wings" presentations, he said that at a school of this kind, it was up to the individual himself to work hard and get as much learning as possible. "If it wasn't for the splendid cooperation we get from every branch of the service at this school, however, we wouldn't be turning out the classes we are," he said. After the "wings" had been presented, Group Captain Hull said to the graduates: "I want to wish every one of you who is going overseas or to some other job the very, very best of luck. Despite the fact that you now have your wings, don't stop learning. Take every chance you can get to further your knowledge."
Flight-Lieut. J. G. Sparling, station chaplain, told the graduates: "I hope God's blessing will go with you. Your responsibility will be great, but I know every man in this class is capable of carrying that responsibility."
The new sergeant pilots are, with the exception of a few from the United States, all Canadians, coming from all parts of the Dominion. Ontario was the home of sixteen. Sgt. Ian McKenzie Duff was the only Hamilton man. His home is at 96 Barnesdale avenue north. Others were: W. F. J. Mason, Smith's Falls; C. W. Fox, Guelph; D. C. Van Atta, Dunnville; T. G. Stevenson, St. David's; J. R. Tufford, Florenceville; J. D. L. LaSalle, Holtyre; J. A. Jodoin, Cornwall; F. C. Duggan, Niagara Falls; J. D. Shanahan, and J. J. Silcox. Toronto; James Wendall, R. L. Hazel, B. L. L. McMahon, M. E. Jowsey and C. R. Heggdveit, Ottawa. Montreal was well represented by the following: Sgts. A. G. Dumville, G. C. Burns, F. Buchanan, M. J. Belleau, F. R. Bartlett, J. D. Massey, Clifford Luxton, J. H. G. Leguerrier and R. D. Fletton.


Born in Guelph, Ontario, 26 February 1920.
Home Guelph, Ontario.
Enlisted in Hamilton, 16 October 1940.
Trained at
No.2 ITS (graduated 23 December 1940),
No.10 EFTS (graduated 21 February 1941) &
No.6 SFTS (Winged 27 July 1941).
Retained in Canada as an instructor
(No.6 SFTS, 21 October 1941 to May 1943).
Posted to No.1 OTU, Bagotville, 14 May 1943.
Posted overseas 26 August 1943,
Arriving 1 September 1943.
Posted to No.57 OTU, 12 October 1943.
With 412 Squadron (10 January 1944 to 28 January 1945).
To No.410 Repair and Salvage Unit, 28 January 1945.
To staff duties, No.126 Wing Headquaters, 28 March 1945.
Returned to Canada, 7 August 1945;
released 26 September 1945.
Served in RCAF Auxiliary from 1 March 1954 to 31 May 1961
mostly with 420 Sq. as a pilot and fighter controller.
He flew 320 operational hours and 224 sorties,
the last of which was on 28 April 1945.


Rommel Under Attack
"Rommel Under Attack" by Lance Russwurm

Normandy, July 7th 1944 - Charley Fox takes Erwin Rommel out of the war.


Takes Toll of Enemy During Terrific Action in Nijmegen Bridge Area

29 Sept 1944 - While F/L George Johnson continues to lead Hamilton airmen in the destruction of enemy aircraft over France, the Low Countries and Germany, dispatches from the front line indicate the competition is keen and other Hamiltonians with new successes are crowding the leading scorer.

Downs Three
Over the Nijmegen Bridge yesterday, according to a Canadian Press story today, F/O Lloyd F. Berryman, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Berryman, 657 King street east, destroyed three enemy aircraft between dusk and dawn.
"Most potent destroyer was F/L Don Laubman, of Edmonton, who shot down four and damaged two others. F/O Lloyd Berryman, of Hamilton, Ont. was the next highest scorer with three destroyed and one damaged," according to the story.
Laubman, whose total 'bag' now is 13 — all since D-day — downed his first two of the Wednesday total when his squadron, led by F/L Rod Smith, D.F.C., of Regina, eliminated eight German planes in an early morning patrol over the bridge area. Smith also shot down two to raise his total to 11.
F/L C. W. Fox, Guelph, Ont., and Berryman each destroyed two others, and Fox damaged another two.
Laubman completed his score in two separate afternoon patrols, while Berryman destroyed his third enemy plane and crippled another. Also during the afternoon F/O D. Jamieson, D.F.C., of Toronto, shot down a pair of Focke-Wulf 190's and F/L Baz Dean, of Cowansville, Que., drew his first blood by destroying a Focke-Wulf.


Fliers Win DFC's

Ottawa, Jan. 1, 1945 - (CP) - Air Force Headquarters tonight announced the award of three bars to the Distinguished Flying Cross and of 30 DFC's to RCAF personnel serving overseas.
Two of the DFC's went to Flt. Lt. Douglas Warren and Flt. Lt. Bruce Warren, twin brothers from Ponoka, Alta., who are serving with the same squadron overseas. The recipients:

Sqdn. Ldr. W. A. Olmsted, Hamilton
FO. D. W. Goodwin, Maynooth.
FO. D. R. C. Jamieson, 148 Gilbert Ave., Toronto

Sqdn. Ldr. W. M. Foster, Guelph
Sqdn. Ldr. E. H. Lapp, Redcliffe, Alta.
Sqdn. Ldr. A. E. Monson, North Hollywood, Ca.
Sqdn. Ldr. A. H. Sager, Vancouver
Sqdn. Ldr. E. P. Wood, Renfrew
Flt. Lt. W. D. Burton, Brantford
Flt. Lt. J. M. Ballachey, High River, Alta.
Flt. Lt. W. C. Fox, Dunnville
Flt. Lt. R. E. Evans, Cleveland, Ohio
Flt. Lt. P. L. Gibbs, Harlan, Sask.
Flt. Lt. D. W. A. Harling, Westmount, Que.
Flt. Lt. J. E. McLurg, Westmount, Que.
Flt. Lt. H. J. Nixon, Hamilton
Flt. Lt. J. D. Orr of Victoria
Flt. Lt. W. B. Peglar, 144 Glengarry Ave., Toronto
Flt. Lt. D. B. Rodd, Concord, Mass.
Flt. Lt. N. G. Russell, New Westminster
Flt. Lt. B. Warren, Ponoka, Alta.
Flt. Lt. D. Warren, Ponoka, Alta.
Flt. Lt. G. M. Smith, Nelson, B.C.
FO. W. K. Carr, Grand Bank, Nfld.
FO. W. F. Cook, Clinton
FO. D. H. Kimball, Oromocto, N.B.
FO. J. P. Lumsden, Hamilton
FO. H. F. Morse, Haney, B.C.
FO. G. F. Ockenden, Edmonton
FO. P. Slayden, Houston, Texas
FO. A. M. Sauve, Hull, Que.
FO. W. R. Weeks, Loggieville, N.B.
PO. J. A. Kerr, Alexander, Man.


FOX, F/L Charles William (J6364) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.412 Squadron
Award effective 18 December 1944 as per London Gazette dated 29 December 1944 and
AFRO 379/45 dated 2 March 1945.

This officer has displayed exceptional courage and skill in pressing home his attacks against the enemy. These operations have been particularly directed against mechanical transport in the course of four consecutive days. Flight Lieutenant Fox destroyed or damaged at least sixty-four enemy transports and since the invasion of Normandy has destroyed a total of 127 vehicles. Many of these attacks were completed in the face of very intense anti-aircraft fire from enemy positions. This record has been a fine example to his fellow pilots and he has contributed much to the success obtained by his squadron.


Air Awards

Ottawa, Feb. 27, 1945 (CP) — Air Force Headquarters announced today the award of the bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross to three members of the RCAF serving overseas and the DFC to three others. Ontario recipients:

Bar to the DFC :
F/L W. J. Banks, 88 Hanna Rd., Leaside
F/L C. W. Fox, Dunnville

S/L H. O. Gooding, Ottawa
F/O D. M. MacKenzie, London


FOX, F/L Charles William (J6364) - Bar to DFC - No.412 Squadron
Award effective 19 February 1945 as per London Gazette dated 27 February 1945 and
AFRO 625/45 dated 13 April 1945.

Since August 1944 this officer has led his section against a variety of targets, often in the face of intense anti-aircraft fire. He has personally destroyed or damaged twenty-two locomotives and thirty-four enemy vehicles, bringing his total to 153 vehicles destroyed or damaged. In addition he has destroyed at least a further three enemy aircraft and damaged two others. In December 1944 Flight Lieutenant Fox led his squadron on an attack against enemy airfields in the Munster area and personally destroyed another hostile aircraft, bringing his total to four. Through his quick and accurate reporting a further four enemy aircraft were destroyed. Since the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross, this officer has continued to display outstanding skill, coolness and determination.


The Last Patrol by Lance Russwurm

"The Last Patrol" by Lance Russwurm

On May 5, 1945, four Canadian Spitfires flew what was almost certainly the last sortie of World War II.

On the evening of May 4th, a message from 83 Group Headquarters for 126 Wing was given to W/C Geof Northcott in the absence of C/O Group captain Gordon McGregor in the officer's mess. Geof stood on a chair and read: "From 83 Group Headquarters to all units - all hostilities on the second front will cease at 0800 hours - tomorrow, May 5th, 1945."

A spontaneous cheer went up and the festivities began, continuing well into the night. During the latter part of said festivities, Wing Commander Geof Northcott decided to lead a section of four on one last flight early in the morning.

At 6:30 he took off in his Mk IX (GW.N) with S/L Bill Klersy as his No. 2 in a MK IX of 401 Squadron. S/L Don "Chunky" Gordon was No. 3 in a Spit XIV of 402 squadron and Chas W. "Charley" Fox was No. 4 in a Mk IX of 412 squadron.

They looked everywhere for "The damned elusive Hun" for an hour and forty-five minutes (unsuccessfully) and landed at Wunstorf at 0800, thus ending "The Last Patrol"

- Quoted from the spitcrazy site. Click the pic to learn more


Victories Include :

28 June 1944
20 Aug 1944
27 Sept 1944

24 Dec 1944
27 Dec 1944
29 Dec 1944
one FW.190
one FW.190
two FW.190s
two FW.190s
one FW.190
one Bf.109
one Ju.88
destroyed &

4 / 0 / 5


Will Evanson sent me this shot of him and his son Shan with Charlie at an airshow ('04). I'm sorry to announce Charlie died in a car accident this past weekend (18 Oct 2008). He had just left a Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association meeting.


Check out charleyfox.com




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