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Toronto and Ontario Fliers in P.E.I. Group

Summerside, P.E.I., Oct. 24, 1941 (CP) — Wing Commander E. G. Fullerton, Officer Commanding the No. 9 Service Flying Training School here, today presented pilots wings to the ninth class to graduate since the school was opened under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.
Robert Leslie Garvie of Owen Sound, Ont., was announced as leader of the class, which had members from many parts of Canada, some from the United States and, one from Bermuda. . The graduates included: Robert Leslie Garvie, Owen Sound; John Reid Carver, Braeside; Joseph Lawrence Hitchon, Belleville; John Clifford Bruner, Leamington; Charles Woodward Smith, Windsor; Edward Earle Muffitt, Coe Hill; William Elias Foster, London; Stanley Handforth, Toronto; Alvin Bossenberry, Grand Bend; Arnold Raymond Herron, Waterford; John William Garland, Richmond; Kenneth Hunter Sutherland, Toronto; Roy Winnifred Cairns, Orillia; Thomas Elmer White, Collingwood; Edward William Edwards, Windsor.


Born in Carleton Place, Ontario
Home in Richmond, Ontario
Enlisted in Ottawa, 17 December 1940
Trained at
No.3 ITS (graduated 9 June 1941),
No.14 EFTS (graduated 27 July 1941) &
No.9 SFTS (graduated 24 Oct. 1941 as a Sgt.)
Arrived overseas on 31 March 1942
Posted to
Promoted to Flight Sergeant, 24 April 1942
Middle East Command, 8 May 1942
No.243 Wing on 1 July 1942
No.244 Wing, 26 July 1942
Promoted to Warrant Officer, 24 October 1942
Reported sick, 19 December 1942
No.80 Squadron, 6 January 1943
Commissioned as a Pilot Officer, 11 January 1943
No.127 Squadron, 11 August 1943
Promoted to Flying Officer, 12 July 1943
Back to No.80 Squadron on 19 August 1943
Remaining there unit until 22 January 1945
(squadron returned to Britain on 10 April 1944)
Promoted to Flight Lieutenant, 11 January 1945
Posted to No.3 Squadron, 23 January 1945
Reported missing, 8 February 1945
Reported safe in United Kingdom, 26 April 1945
Repatriated to Canada, 22 July 1945
Released on 3 October 1945 with 2 tours completed
Bar to Op. Wings mailed to Richmond, 22 Nov. 1945
Rejoined the RCAF in 1950 as a Flying Officer
Promoted to Flight Lieutenant on 1 January 1953 &
Squadron Leader on 1 January 1959
Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering
(from USAF University in June of 1963)


11 September 1942, A group of RCAF fighter pilots in the Middle East - (left to right, top row) P/O M.R. Morgan, Edmonton; P/O H. McLachlin, Aden; Sgt. J.K. McLaughlin, Masson, Que.; F/Sgt. R.W. McLaren, Long Branch, Ont. (bottom) F/Sgt. A.B. Cleveland, Springfield, Ohio; F/Sgt. N.M. Hughes, Flat Bush, Alta.; S/Ldr. R.W. Diniston, Vernon, B.C.; F/Sgt. W.W.L. Brown, Edmonton; Sgt. R.J. Thompson, Ottawa; Sgt. J.W. Garland, Richmond, Ont.; Sgt. R.L. Gaudet, Westport, N.S.


Canadian Fliers Down 36 German Aircraft in Luftwaffe Attack

London, Jan. 1, 1945 - (CP) - Canadian fighter pilots, in one of their greatest triumphs during the war, destroyed at least 36 of 84 Germans shot down today by the RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force.
The big Canadian score was rolled up as the German Air Force came out in its greatest show of strength for three years in an attempt to smash up Allied airfields in Belgium, Holland and France.

Five Planes Missing
Canadian fighter squadrons accounted for 35 enemy aircraft and the 36th was destroyed by a Canadian in an RAF Tempest Squadron. Five RCAF planes are missing.
Although the Huns' low-level strafings included RCAF airfields and caused some damage, the operational program of the squadrons was not interrupted and approximately 300 sorties were flown. Some enemy planes were destroyed white the airfields were under attack and others when the enemy fled for home.
The pilot of one RCAF reconnaissance squadron, whose name was not immediately disclosed, destroyed two ME190s and damaged two FW190s as he returned to base.
Spitfire fighter-bombers also were active and destroyed or damaged several locomotives and freight cars in the German supply area around St. Vith in Belgium south of Malmedy.
The Canadian Wolf Squadron alone knocked down five out of a formation of 60 enemy craft which strafed the squadron's airfield in the Brussels area. Two others probably were destroyed and another damaged in a low-level action that developed into the hottest dogfight for Canadian fighters in months.

Bags 2 Focke-Wolfs
Four RCAF Typhoons returning from a reconnaissance flight met enemy fighters and destroyed three and probably destroyed a fourth. Two were destroyed by F/O A. H. Fraser of Westmount, Que., and the other by F/O H. Laurence of Edson, Alta. All were FW190s.
A Canadian Tempest pilot, F/L J. W. Garland of Richmond, Ont., jumped two Focke Wulfs just 50 feet from the ground. He dived from 9,000 feet and destroyed both.
In the Wolf Squadron dogfight, P/Os Steve Butte of Michel, B.C., and Mac Reeves of Madoc, Ont., each downed two planes and Butte also claimed one damaged. F/Sgt. Keith Lindsay destroyed one and also had a "probable."
These were the first scores for Butte and Lindsay.
Butte and Lindsay found themselves in a swirling mass of Huns as they took off on a morning patrol. Butte sent an ME-109 down in flames with cannon fire.
Next victim was an FW-190. "There were strikes on his wing and engine, and I saw him crash on the edge of a near by town," Butte said.

Out of Ammunition
Then he hit an ME-109, seeing strikes and smoke, but losing sight of the enemy plane as it dived steeply toward the ground.
"By this time all my ammunition was gone and a Hun got on my tail," Butte continued, "I managed to get on his tail, but couldn't do anything about it."
Lindsay shot one plane down in flames and registered a cannon hit on another, but couldn't determine whether it crashed.
Reeves and his namesake, F/L Dick Reeves of 1507 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Toronto, who is no relation, plunged into a flock of enemy planes while returning from patrol. Dick Reeves had to land immediately because of a faulty motor, but Mac, his guns belching, closed on the plane which caught fire and crashed. He attacked the second victim from underneath and the pilot baled out.
It was announced tonight that the Canadian Mosquito Squadron on the Continent during Sunday night destroyed two Junkers planes while on defensive patrol.


Canadian Fighter Pilots Get Biggest Bag of Huns

London, Jan 2 1945 (CP) - Canadian fighter pilots accounted for at least half of the 94 German plane destroyed by the RAF's 2nd Tactical Air Force New Year's Day when the Luftwaffe made an attempt to cripple west front airfield operations.
A compilation tonight, based on the latest reports received from the Continent, showed that RCAF fighters in their biggest day of the war destroyed at least 36 enemy aircraft and half-a-dozen others fell to Canadian sharpshooters in RAF Squadrons.
The top scoring wing in the 2nd Tactical Air Force during the day of close to 100 "kills" was the Canadian Spitfire unit which brought down 24 German machines, probably destroyed another three and damaged seven. An untold number of probables and damaged planes were claimed by other Canadians.
The wing’s scorers included two airmen who downed three planes apiece, both from the Ram Squadron. F/O G. D. Cameron of Toronto destroyed a trio of ME-109s while F/L John Mackay of Cloverdale, B.C., destroyed two ME-109s and an FW-190. Mackay got the last two without using his guns because they dived into the ground when he chased them.
F/L D. Pieri of Toronto and Elmhurst, Ill., destroyed two FW-190s and probably destroyed two others.
F/L Dick Audet of Lethbridge, Alta., who last Friday shot down five enemy planes in little more than five minutes, brought his total to seven with two FW-190s bagged as they roared low over his field. Friday's quintet were the first aircraft the 22 year-old Lethbridge airman had downed.
Others from the Canadian wing, who helped to set up the day's record - the previous top mark for the Canadians in a single day was 22 planes - included S/L Dean Dover, DFC, and Bar, of Toronto, who destroyed an ME-109 and shared another with F/O Dean Kelly of Peterborough, Ont. and F/L Donald Gordon of Vancouver with two ME-109's.
Double scorers included F/L J. W. Garland, Richmond, Ont.; P/O Steve Butte, Michel, B.C.; P/O Mac Reeves, Madoc, Ont. and F/O A. H. Fraser, Westmount, Que.
Single scorers included F/L W. Banks, Toronto; F/L B. MacPherson, St. Thomas, Ont.; F/L Basil Doak, Cowansville, Que.; F/O Vic Smith, Toronto; F/O J. C. Lee, Ottawa; P/O D. M. Horsburgh, Carnduff, Sask.; F/L N. Keene, White Lake, B.C.; F/O H. Laurence, Edson, Alta. and F/Sgt Keith Lindsay, 10764 95th St. Edmonton. Lindsay also claimed one probable.
Operations today were restricted by weather but 90 sorties were flown and all aircraft returned. Two locomotives were destroyed and four others damaged in the Cologne area by Spitfire fighter-bombers.


Air Force Awards

Ottawa, Feb. 23, 1945 — (CP) — Air Force headquarters announced today the award of one bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross and five Distinguished Flying Crosses to members of the R.CA.F. overseas. The Ontario recipients include:


F/O G. D. A. T. Cameron, of Toronto &
F/O J. W. Garland, of Richmond, Ontario.


GARLAND, F/O John Wilburn (J17155) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.80 Squadron
Award effective 23 February 1945 as per London Gazette of that date and
AFRO 563/45 dated 29 March 1945.

This officer has completed a very large number of sorties, involving attacks on enemy targets in various battle areas. During these operations he has effectively attacked shipping, many mechanical vehicles and a number of locomotives and wagons; his successes also include the destruction of four enemy aircraft. Flying Officer Garland has proved himself to be a highly skilled, courageous and resolute fighter.

NOTE: No.80 Squadron initially flew Hurricanes. His first sortie was a scramble on 22 August 1942 and his second a scramble on 23 August 1942. His 12th sortie (24 October 1942) was escort to tank-busting aircraft. On 14 August 1943 he flew his last Hurricane sortie (and his 81st operational flight), an ASR mission. On 23 August 1943, having converted to Spitfires, he flew his first Spitfire trip (a scramble). His first tour concluded on 22 March 1944 with his 145th sortie, by which time he had flown 218 hours 20 minutes on operations. His second tour commenced on 16 August 1944 (escort mission). The next day he went to West Malling and converted to Tempests. On 13 and 14 September 1944, flying Tempests, he attacked V-2 sites. He flew 66 Tempest sortues until he was shot down by flak on 8 February 1945 and taken prisoner.


Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, March 19, 1945 — The Department of National Defense for Air today issued casualty list No. 1,145 of the Royal Canadian Air Force, showing next of kin of those named from Ontario as follows :

Missing After Air Operations

GARLAND, John Wilburn, Flt. Lieut. W. B. E. Garland (father), Richmond, Ont.


Airmen Freed

Ottawa, May 4, 1945 — Following is the first list of air force prisoners freed. Those from Ontario include :

... GARLAND, J. W., D.F.C., Flight-Lieut., Richmond ...


Canada Honors War-Time Deeds At Investiture

Ottawa, Nov. 8, 1949 (CP) — "In the name of His Majesty, the King, I invest you . . ."
Many times these words have been repeated in the white-pillared ballroom at Rideau Hall. Again yesterday they brought back memories of the Second World War" as Canada's Governor-General, Viscount Alexander, spoke them once more to the 68 servicemen and women — and next-of-kin — who stepped forth to receive the rewards of war-time gallantry.
It was the first such investiture at Government house in nearly a year. Decorations ranging from the Order of the British Empire to the Distinguished Flying Cross were presented to members and former members of the three services.
Twelve mothers, five fathers and four widows received the awards of those who either did not return from overseas or who later died.
A red-headed, four-year-old, Terry Platana of Regina; stepped smartly alongside his mother, Mrs. Sarah Platana, as she walked up the long, carpeted aisle to meet Viscount Alexander, and receive the Distinguished Flying Cross; won by her husband; the late F/O D. D. Platana.
Terry later proudly displayed the big silver cross his father had won for "a high degree of skill and courage during his many operational missions against the enemy."
"Terry always said he wanted to be on hand to receive his father's medal," said Mrs. Platana.

Full Of Remembrance
Tales of coolness in the face of enemy opposition, operational sorties, mine-laying missions — the voice of the aide-de-camp droned on as he read the citations. Unfamiliar phrases now, but haunting, and they were as full of remembrance as the great red poppies several of the men wore in their buttonholes.
Mrs. Beatrice DeCourcy of Windsor, Ont., received the D.F.C., for her son, the late S/L T. J. DeCourcy. Mrs. Edith Awrey, also of Windsor, received it for her son; the late P/O D. M. Awrey; Mrs. Edward Lee, St. Thomas, Ont., for her son, the late F/L J. G. Lee; Mrs. Ida May Munro, Brantford, Ont., for her son, the late F/L L. E. Munro; Mrs. E. R. Smith, Toronto, for her son; the late F/L W. R. Smith; Mrs. May Murray, Galt, Ont., for her son, the late F/O T. R. Murray.
Other Ontario awards were: The D.F.C. – A. J. Little of Agincourt, on behalf of his son, the late F/L S. W. Little; Mrs. Evelyn Pieri, Toronto, for her husband; the late F/L D. M. Pieri; Mrs. O. E. Ridge, Toronto, for her husband, the late F/L R. C. Ridge; P. E. Suddick, Toronto, for his son, the late F/L W. E. Suddick; G. Peacock, Everett, for his son, the late F/O W. G. F. Peacock; F/L J. W. Garland, Richmond; F/L R. B. Grant, Stittsville.


Victories Include :

3 December 1944
27 December 1944
1 January 1945
23 January 1945
one Me262
one FW190
two FW190s
1/2 Ju88
destroyed OTG

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