Canadian Fighter Pilots - WW2

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John "Jack" Haddon Bill Hagyard
Jack Haddon
Bill Hagyard
John Haig
Ben Haight
Sandy Halcrow Francis "Hank" Haley  
Herbert Hale
Hank Haley
Sammy hall Jimmy Hall Bert Hallatt
Jimmy Hall
Bert Hallatt
Fred Hallwood
H K Hamilton Harry Hamilton

Ken Hanna

Frank "Hank" Hanton
H K Hamilton
Harry Hamilton
Ken Hanna
Hank Hanton
  George Hardy Harry Hardy
G A Hardy
George Hardy
Al Harley Dave Harling   Bob Harmer
Al Harley
Bob Harmer
Woodruff harp Jim Harper Harry Harrington
Woody Harp
Jim Harper
Jerry Harrison
Ray Harrison Norris Hart Webb Harten
Ray Harrison
John Hart
Bill "Slim" Harvey    
Slim Harvey
Jeff Harvie
John Hatch Richard Hatton Murray Havers Bart Hay
John Hatch
Richard Hatton
Bill Hay

Barry Hayter Bob Hayward Don Hayworth
Jack Hayes
Barry Hayter
Don Hayworth
Bob Hazel   George Heasman Bill Heier
Bob Hazel
George Heasman
Bill Heier
Rudolf Frederick Henke Evert "Hermy" hermanson
Rudolf Henke
E Hermanson
Duncan Hewitt
R A Heywood
Cliff Hicks   John Hicks  
Cliff Hicks
John Hicks
Doug "Curly" Hill George Hill John Hill Walt Hill
John Hill
Walt Hill
  Frank Hillock Holly Hills
Frank Hillock
Ab Hiltz
Rooney "Hodgy" Hodgins  
E T Hoare
Tom Hoare
Rooney Hodgins
John Hodgson Albert "Hoddy" Hodson Keith Hodson
Gene Hodgson
John Hodgson
Hoddy Hodson
Kid Hofer Jimmy Hogg Glen Holland
Jimmy Hogg
Tex Holland
Eddie Holness Cliff Horncastle Art Horrell Garth Horricks
Eddie Holness
Cliff Horncastle
Bert Houle Dave Howe
D M Horsburgh
G M Horter
Dave Howe
Frank Hubbard John Hughes Arthur Hunter
Norman Howe
Frank Hubbard
John Hughes
Art Hunter
Roy Hunter Jack Hurley Paul Hurtubise
Roy Hunter
Stan Huppert
Jack Hurley
Paul Hurtubise
Doug Husband Hutch Hutchinson Bob Hyndman Murray Hyslop
R T Hutchinson
Bob Hyndman
Murray Hyslop


Canadian WW2 Fighter Pilots
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