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Seven R.C.A.F. Officers Decorated for Heroism

Ottawa, 5 Jan. 1943 - (CP) - R.C.A.F. headquarters tonight announced the award of Distinguished Flying Crosses to five Canadian and two Americans serving overseas with the R.C.A.F. and award of the Distinguished Service Order to an R.A.F. officer. The D.F.C. winners: F/O R. H. Bertram, Stevensville, Ont; F/O Philip Gustave Freberg, New Westminster, B.C.; P/O E. B. Cozens, Haverford, Penn.; P/O Peter Eastcott, Pembroke, Ont.; P/O Herbert William Joseph Stewart, Montreal; F/O Henry Tilson, Regina, and F/L Oliver Charles Kallio, Ironwood, Mich.
The D.S.O. winner: W/C Donald Peveler, D.F.C., of the R.A.F.
Award of the D.F.C., to F/O Tilson was announced in London previously. The R.C.A.F. here made public the citation tonight. The announcement of awards to F/O Bertram and P/O Eastcott was made in London only a few hours before the Ottawa announcement. A joint citation covering the awards to W/C Peveler and P/O Stewart said they were captain and rear gunner, respectively, in an aircraft searching for the crew of a plane lost at sea in December, 1942.
W/C Peveler's aircraft was attacked by three Junkers 88's as it was leaving the search area, but P/O Stewart "gave a splendid running commentary of the movement of the enemy aircraft which enabled his captain to take evasive action."
The bomber was damaged and the second pilot and bomb aimer wounded. Later three Focke-Wulf 190's made another attack, but P/O Stewart, "by his accurate shooting, shot down one of the fighters and damaged another, while the third was driven off."
The citations said W/C Peveler, "displaying magnificent airmanship, flew his badly damaged aircraft safely back," and that P/O Stewart's "coolness and gallantry very materially assisted his captain throughout this hazardous operation."
The other awards covered operations overseas, including attacks on targets in Genoa and Turin, Tobruk and Northwestern Germany.


American in the RCAF
Born in Ironwood, Michigan, 24 June 1911
Home there
Served in US Army and US Army Air Corps
Enlisted at Fort William, 17 June 1940
(as Aero Engine Mechanic)
To Tech. Training School, St. Thomas, 7 Aug. 1940
Promoted AC1, 14 December 1940
Remustered to aircrew, 8 February 1941
Posted that date to No.1 ITS
Promoted LAC, 16 March 1941 &
Posted that date to No.7 EFTS
Course may have ended as of 4 May 1941 but
Not posted to No.1 SFTS until 16 May 1941
Graduated and commissioned, 30 July 1941
To "Y" Depot, 31 July 1941
To RAF overseas, 16 August 1941
Flying Officer, 31 July 1942 and
Flight Lieutenant, 2 September 1942
Overseas he served with No.33 Squadron
Took a "rest" tour, then joined
No.601 Squadron where he became a
Flight commander on 15 September 1943
Promoted Squadron Leader, 25 November 1943 &
Given command of No.145 Squadron.
Crashed and broke a leg on 19 February 1944
To No.417 Squadron to command, 24 June 1944
(which he led until November 1944)
Repatriated to Canada, 10 February 1945
To RAF overseas again, 24 March 1945
Repatriated 5 August 1945
Released 14 September 1945

Photos PL-18491 and PL-27743 show him


KALLIO, F/L Oliver Charles (J6494) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.33 Squadron
Award effective 2 January 1943 as per Canada Gazette dated 5 January 1943 and
AFRO 232/43 dated 12 February 1943.

In October 1942, this officer led a formation against a force of enemy dive bombers protected by a strong escort of fighters. The attack was so skilfully executed that the enemy bombers were compelled to jettison their bombs on their own lines. A few days later, in a similar sortie, a superior formation of enemy bombers was forced to release its bombs prematurely. Throughout the engagement Flight Lieutenant Kallio, who destroyed a Junkers 88, displayed fine leadership. He has at all times set an inspiring example.

NOTE: Public Record Office Air 2/4922 has message from Headquarters, Royal Air Force, Middle East to Air Ministry, sent 21 December 1942.

An immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Cross has been made to Acting Flight Lieutenant Oliver Charles Kallio, J6496 of No.33 Squadron. On October 27 whilst leading the squadron Flight Lieutenant Kallio was ordered to intercept a Stuka raid which [was] heavily escorted by Messerschmitt 109s. Although greatly outnumbered Flight Lieutenant Kallio attacked with such determination and skill that the raid was completely split up causing the enemy to drop its bombs on its own lines. Flight Lieutenant Kallio himself destroyed one Junkers 87 and probably destroyed another. Again on November 3 when leading the squadron he attacked a force which heavily outnumbered his own formation and by his courage, determination and fine leadership succeeded in turning back the enemy causing premature bombing. Flight Lieutenant Kallio destroyed one Junkers 87. At all times this officer has shown a fine fighting spirit which has inspired the whole squadron. His courage and fine leadership have been of the highest order.


Windsor Squadron Now Divebombing

Rome, 27 June 1944 - (CP) - Left without Luftwaffe opposition, the R.C.A.F.'s famed City of Windsor Spitfire Squadron has been converted to a divebombing unit under a new commander.
In its first bombing mission the squadron is believed to have scored at least two direct hits on a crossroads near Fano, ahead of advancing Polish and Italian troops.
The bombing was the last operational flight of S/L Wellington Hay of Millbrook, N.Y. The command was taken over by S/L. Oliver Charles Kallio, D.F.C., of Ironwood, Mich. Kallio, who has destroyed five enemy planes in the Mediterranean, joined the R.C.A.F. in 1940.



With the RCAF in Italy, 1 Nov. 1944 (CP) — Keeping pace with other high-geared squadrons of the desert air force in the terrific air offensive that accompanied the ground attack on the Gothic Line, RCAF City of Windsor Squadron fighter bombers were in the air constantly smashing a variety of enemy targets.
The squadron paid particular attention to machine-gun nests, antiaircraft emplacements, field gun positions and other strong points that hindered, though not for long, the Allied advance. In addition, they blasted bridges, mortar positions, shore batteries along the Adriatic and piled up a sizable score of motor transport destroyed.
On one mission led by the commanding officer, S/L O. C. Kallio, DFC, of Ironwood, Mich., eight of the squadron's Spitfires knocked out four 88mm guns.
Other pilots on this job included: F/O's A. H. McNally, Niagara Falls, Ont.; K. R. Curtis, 110 Erskine Ave., Toronto; W/O's D. H. A. MacKay; Beverley, Sask.; J. P. Hart, Point Anne, Ont; H. G. Murray, Brooklyn, N.Y., and R. P. Campbell, Winnipeg.
Curtis and Kallio were out again on another mission which paved the way for the entry into the Town of Verucchio. With them on this bombing-strafing assignment were F/O's R. E. Kent, Vancouver; J. R. L. E. Jeune, Bathurst, N.B.; T. R. Wilson, 247 Millwood Rd., Toronto; A. F. McWilliams, Loreburn, Sask., and C. J. Malone, London, Ont.
A large truck was put out of action by F/L Dave Goldberg, Hamilton, Ont., and F/L Red Evans, Kirkland Lake, Ont., led six aircraft on a successful attack against gun pits.



F/L David Goldberg, of Hamilton, Ont., has been promoted to Squadron Leader and given command of the R.C.A.F. City of Windsor Squadron, it was announced yesterday at R.C.A.F. headquarters in Italy. F/L Goldberg succeeds S/L O. C. Kallio, of Ironwood, Mich., who has completed his second tour of operations. The new commander is the squadron's ninth and the third flight commander to rise to the squadron command.


Behind The Lines

25 November 1944 - A spell of good weather in the Adriatic sector of the Italian battle front has given the R.C.A.F. City of Windsor squadron, commanded by Flight-Lieut. David Goldberg, of Hamilton, a three-day record of which any outfit could be proud. Here it is:
First day - S/L O. C. Kallio, D.F.C., of Ironwood, Mich., led a flight against a road bridge 10 miles southwest of Ravenna and made it useless; P/O B. J. Hayden, of 140 Hepbourne street, Toronto, led six aircraft on a raid which destroyed the enemy frontline village of Borello; a formation led by F/L Dave Goldberg, of 28 King street, Hamilton, cut a railway line north of Ravenna.
Second day - In a lone operation, six Windsor squadron aircraft helped repulse a German counter-attack south of Cesena.
Third day - Squadron aircraft bombed and strafed camouflaged gun posts in the Cesena fields; bombed a building housing German mortars and machine guns, and dropped leaflets printed in German over the Savio river west of Varvia.



Ottawa, Jan. 22, 1945 - (CP) - Air Force Headquarters announced tonight the award of one Distinguished Service Order and 15 Distinguished Flying Crosses to members of the RCAF serving overseas.
The recipients include :

S/L O.C. Kallio, DFC, of Ironwood, Mich.

W/C L.H. Randall, Bristol, N.B.;
F/L D.W. Banting, Fort San, Sask.;
F/L R.E. Coffey, Greenview, Ill.;
F/L H.A. Crawford of Edmonton;
F/L H.A. Dean, Vero Beach, Fla,;
F/L J.E. Hogg of Dartmouth, N.S.;
F/L R.H. Hunter of Strathcona, P.E.I.;
F/L G.F. Mercer of 77 Church St., St. Marys;
F/L L.W. Metcalfe of 50 Scott St., St. Thomas;
F/L J.M. Portz, Weyburn, Sask.;
F/O G.P.A. Bodard, Lethbridge, Alta.;
F/O C.L. Burgess of Fredericton;
F/O A.R. Lehman of 307 Niagara St., Welland;
P/O A.D. Fraser of Winnipeg &
F/O J.P. Jessee of Vancouver.


KALLIO, S/L Oliver Charles, DFC (J6494) - Distinguished Service Order - No.417 Squadron
Award effective 13 January 1945 as per London Gazette dated 23 January 1945 &
AFRO 471/45 dated 16 March 1945.

Since the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross, Squadron Leader Kallio has flown on operations against the enemy with consistent success and gallantry. He has commanded a flight and two squadrons during his operational career, at all times showing fine qualities of leadership and judgement. Under his command his present squadron has produced excellent results. He has personally destroyed two enemy aircraft and damaged or destroyed much enemy road and rail transport.

NOTE: Public Records Office Air 2/9043 has recommendation by G/C H.S.L. Dundas (Officer Commanding No.244 Wing, Desert Air Force) dated 20 November 1944. He was described as having flown a total of 1,007 hours of which 447 were operational and 132 has been in previous six months. His sorties totaled 398, and since the award of the DFC he was stated as having flown 98 sorties (345 operational hours).

Squadron Leader Kallio has flown 340 operational hours with Desert Air Force since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. During this period he has flown with consistent success and gallantry as a leader, and has commanded a Flight and two Squadrons in the field.

On 15th September 1943 he took command of a Flight in No.601 Squadron, and between that time and 23rd November, when he was posted to command No.145 Squadron, he flew 33 operational sorties, destroying one enemy aircraft and damaging a further six on the ground, destroying two locomotives and damaging three, destroying five freight cars and 37 mechanical enemy transport, with a further ten and twelve of each damaged.

While commanding No.145 Squadron in the winter 1943-1944 he introduced this squadron to ground attack and flew a great many sorties as leader, showing fine qualities of leadership and judgement combined with dash and gallantry; his personal example was high inspiration to all pilots serving under him, and was in great part responsible for the excellent results achieved by his unit. Squadron Leader Kallio also destroyed one enemy aircraft and damaged one while flying with No.145 Squadron.

In June 1944, Squadron Leader Kallio took command of No.417 Squadron, RCAF, and it was at this time that the squadrons converted to fighter-bomber work. Once again he set a magnificent example, and his squadron has produced consistently successful results under his leadership.

Both in tactical and close support work, Squadron Leader Kallio has invariably pressed home his attacks with great skill and courage, very often in the face of intense anti-aircraft fire. For his high courage and excellent leadership in action against the enemy, I strongly recommend Squadron Leader Kallio for the award of the Distinguished Service Order.


Victories Include :

  8 June 1942
16 July 1942
27 Oct. 1942

  3 Nov. 1942
  1 May 1943
  2 Dec. 1943
30 Dec. 1943
18 Feb. 1945
one Me109
one Ju88
one Ju87
one Ju87
one Ju87
one Ju88
one Me109
one Me109
one Fw190
destroyed &

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