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Aylmer Graduation

Aylmer June 5, 1942 (CP) - The following Ontario pilots graduated from No. 14 Service Flying Training School here today: Harvey Freeman, Robert John Currie Gardner, James Gardner Housego, all of Hamilton; Ernest Harry Griffin, Guelph; Donald Edgeworth Hand, Windsor; George Francis Hawtin, Beaverton; Thomas Riley Jackson, Woodstock; William. James Kasubeck, Sault Ste, Marie; George Boyd Lawson, Dundas; Frederick Stanley LeGear, Barrie; Stuart Newton May, Weston; David Malcolm McDuff, Trafalgar; John Dennis Playford, Waterloo; Theodore Milner Potter, BeamsVille; George Herbert Speirs, Mount Forest; William Robert Welsh, Fenlon Falls; Leonard Joseph Horrocks, John Russell Irwin; Charles Husband Porter, John Roberts, all of Toronto.


Born 5 December 1922
Son of Mr. & Mrs. John Lawson 303 MacNab St.
Home in Dundas
Enlisted in July 1941
Trained at
No 5 ITS Belleville
No 7 EFTS Windsor
No 14 SFTS Aylmer
Graduating June 5 1942 (#2 sqn.)
Posted to 135 Squadron RCAF
Commissioned in July 1943
Sent overseas &
Posted to 402 Squadron in August
Flew Spitfire AB910 (AE-H) on D-day
[Currently part of the BoB Memorial Flight]
Returned on the Alcantara to Halifax 11 Aug '45
He was discharged in September 1945


Sgt-Plt George Lawson


Pictured is 19-year-old George B. Lawson, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Lawson, 303 MacNab Street, Dundas, who recently graduated as sergeant-pilot. He received his wings as a member of No. 2 squadron, at No. 14 Senior Flying Training school at Aylmer. Sgt-Pilot Lawson enlisted last year and is well known in Dundas, where he was born. He was for a time an employee at the Bertram plant.



24 July 1943 - Royal Canadian Air Force today announced the names of Ontario Personnel commissioned in Canada. Following is a list of names, with home town of next of kin: ... G.B. Lawson, Dundas ...



26 July 1943 - Pilot Officer George B. Lawson, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Lawson, Dundas, has arrived overseas. He served on the west coast several months, earning his commission recently.

P/O Lawson


Announce Names of Those From City, District on Board SS. Alcantara

3 August 1945 - RCAF headquarters announced today a list of approximately 2,159 personnel who are being repatriated on the Alcantara, expected to arrive in Halifax on August 8. All personnel will proceed from the dock at Halifax to No. 1 repatriation depot, Lachine, where they will be given leave. The list which was published earlier in the week giving the RCAF personnel on board the Alcantara was in error, according to RCAF headquarters, and should have read: "Ile de France, docking at Halifax August 5."
It is to be noted that the accuracy of the list cannot be guaranteed, as there may be discrepancies due to last-minute changes prior to embarkation.

This list includes the name - G.B. Lawson, Dundas.


Relatives, Friends on Hand as Army &
Air Force Groups Come Back From Overseas

13 August 1945 - Hamilton welcomed home many more of its war heroes during the weekend, when about 100 R.C.A.F. "repats" and approximately 300 army veterans arrived here Saturday and Sunday evenings.
The R.C.A.F. group arrived at the armouries about 10.30 Saturday evening, and the crowd was caught by surprise as, contrary to usual practice, the busses were driven straight into the main entrance. The pipe band of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada (P.L.) played and the wild cheers of approximately 1,000 persons re­echoed as the men arrived.
Members of the Citizens' Committee tried vainly to keep the relatives from the busses, but the people, with cries of "There he is!" broke through and in a few seconds the veterans emerged and mingled with their friends and families.

Some on Leave
Many of the airmen are back only for 30 days leave, and will return to England on duty in policing Europe. It spoke well for British hospitality when some of them expressed pleasure in the fact that they would go back to England. Others, after three or four years overseas, are expecting their discharges, some to continue their education, others to proceed straight into employment.
All the men spoke of the fine trip on the SS. Alcantara. The weather was fine, and the treatment was wonderful   they all agreed. Some of them said that conditions couldn't have been better.
Mayor Sam Lawrence tried desperately to be heard above the noise of the crowd. He spoke very briefly, but most earnestly, in expressing the city's thanks and appreciation for what the men have done, and in expressing the hope that the future will be bright for them.
Among the repatriates were F.O. George Lawson, of Dundas, a Spitfire pilot, who expects to get his discharge; P.O. J. Telford, of St. Williams, a veteran of three years overseas service, and John Shaw, Paling avenue, who thinks that England is quite a place.


No Known Claims Against Enemy Aircraft


George Lawson's Scrapbook photos

No. 14 SFTS Aylmer

No. 135 Sqn. Mossbank

402 Squadron France

Other photos




Thanks to Julia, Janet & Aaron for the pix !

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