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John Morton

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Awards List in RCAF

Ottawa, Nov. 12, 1943 (CP) In one of its biggest list of decorations for Canadian airmen, the R.C.A.F. announced tonight the award of one bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross, 28 Distinguished Flying Crosses, and four Distinguished Flying Medals to R.C.A.F. men overseas. In addition, the list included six awards to R.C.A.F. men for gallant and prompt action. The list of D.F.C. and D.F.M. winners, with next of kin, include:

F/L J. A. Morton, Mrs. Rosaline I. Ross (mother), Saskatoon, Sask.
F/L M. K. A. Cybulski, Mrs. Barbara Cybulski (mother), Renfrew, Ont.
S/L C. C. Moran, Mrs. F. Moran (mother), Trenton, Ont.
F/L J. D. Mitchner, C. D. Mitchner (father), Saskatoon, Sask.
S/L M. W. Beveridge, J. B. Beveridge (father), Westmount, Que.
F/L R. T. Phipps, Harry V. Phipps (father) Strome, Alberta


Born 1915 in Didsbury, Alberta
Home there (farmer, ex-Royal Canadian Artillery)
Enlisted in Calgary 9 January 1941
Trained at
No.2 ITS (graduated 8 May 1941)
No.16 EFTS (graduated 3 July 1941) &
No.1 SFTS (graduated 14 September 1941)
Commissioned September 1941
Medal presented 9 July 1949


John Morton getting into his P-40

MORTON, F/L John Alexander (J7451) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.400 Sq.
Award effective 23 March 1945 as per London Gazette dated 3 April 1945 and
AFRO 765/45 dated 4 May 1945.

On intruder operations Flight Lieutenant Morton has invariably displayed great skill, courage and determination. Prior to the invasion of France he participated in many missions. Many of these were completed in the face of heavy anti-aircraft fire and enemy aircraft were frequently encountered. Flight Lieutenant Morton has destroyed one enemy aircraft, damaged locomotives and achieved much success on photographic reconnaissance. His keenness and his devotion to duty have been an example to the squadron.


Victories Include :

15 Aug 1943 one Me110 destroyed

1 / 0 / 0


Plus many trains, M/T, etc.

  John Morton


The Son of John would like to speak to anyone who may have known him. Please contact :

Oliver Morton 24 Park Road Winslow Buckingham MK18 3DL United Kingdom





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