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Toronto Pilot Brings Disabled Wellington Back Despite Odds

London, July 27, 1942 - (CP) - Canadian air raiders last night distinguished themselves again in the big raid on Hamburg. Flight Lieutenant J. D. Pattison of Toronto, piloting a Wellington bomber, brought his plane 200 miles on the return journey with one motor burned out, Pattison babied the ship home, and crash-landed the plane in England without injury to any of the crew.

Flight Sergeant W. Kauffman of Kitchener said that when he left the target the fires were so intense that they were visible sixty miles away.

The bomber piloted by Flight Lieutenant Pattison developed motor trouble when one engine caught fire. Pattison fought successfully to maintain a minimum altitude of 2,000 feet to reach England.

A Nazi fighter damaged a plane in which Sergeant William Rowland was riding, he reported, but the German was driven off, and the bomber continued on its flight. Rowland said the fires of Hamburg were visible for thirty miles.

Several large fires, ringed with smaller ones, were seen at Hamburg by Pilot Officer W. C. Sanderson of Duff, Sask., who declared the Germans made several obvious futile attempts to lure the raiders over dummy targets. Sergeant Norval Lewis of Assiniboia, Sask., added: “The bombs were bang on the real targets, and it was a lovely show.”

Two bursts into a Junkers 88 were fired by Sergeant Tom Reeves of New Westminster, B.C. Two other Junkers 88's were driven off by Rear Gunner Sergeant V. A. Murray of Penetanguishene, Ont., and an R.A.F. gunner, both in a plane piloted by Sergeant C. P. Lundeen of Preeceville, Sask.

Two young Canadian Spitfire pilots, who have just completed their combat training, spotted a Junkers 88, first Nazi bomber they had seen, and promptly shot it down today.
They are Sergeants C. D. Myers, 19, of Windsor, Ont., and J. A. Omand of Wellesley, Ont., who were on patrol sixty miles from land when they saw the enemy raider sneaking along at low level. After their attack they saw two of the enemy crew smash the hood and try to get out. Before they could manage the Junkers dived into the sea, “leaving only bits of wreckage and a lot of swirling water.”


Born 21 October 1922 in Walkerville, Ont.
Son of Harris & Mabel (nee Dickson) Myers.
Home in Windsor (drug store clerk).
Enlisted, 27 February 1941.
Trained at
No.3 ITS, Victoriaville,
No.12 EFTS, Goderich and
No.13 SFTS, St Hubert.
Winged in November 1941 as Sgt Pilot.
Embarked for UK, 13 December 1941.
To 3 PRC 31 December 1941.
To No.9 SFTS 26 January 1942.
To 66 Squadron (Ibsley) 12 May 1942.
To 421 Sqaudron (Digby) 12 June 1942.
RCAF R/83439 & J/16200.
Commissioned 21 November 1942.
KIA 15 May 1943 with 421 Squadron.
Had flown 78:35 operational hours.


Over 200 RCAF Fliers Commissioned in Field

Ottawa, Feb. 19, 1943 - (CP) - Air force headquarters announced today that more than 200 air-crew members of the R.C.A.F. serving overseas have been commissioned in the field for efficiency, meritorious service and the display of qualities of leadership.
Though lists of commissions in the field granted overseas are issued from time to time, today’s is one of the longest yet announced, the headquarters statement said. It includes the names of some officers whose commissions have been effective for some time, but have been officially gazetted only recently.
Included in the list are pilots, navigators, wireless operators, air gunners and an air bomber.
All those commissioned are graduates of the combined (air) training organization.
The graduates include these from Ontario:
Flt/Sgt William Thompson Lane, Sudbury; Sgts. Reginald Morris, Cameron Dickson Myers, Frederick Cuyler Thatcher, Giles Ernest Bisson, Flt/Sgt Charles John Webster, Windsor; Flt/Sgt Nelson Alexander Cobb, Tillsonburg; W/O Charles Frank Grigg, Mount Bridges; Sgt. George Wilson Bolton, Westboro; Flt/Sgts William Francis Cook, Clinton; Robert George Brobyn, Douglas Gerrie Argo, Frederick Staples Hiley, Archibald Sidney Kent Watson, Ernest Walter Garrett, Lloyd George Speyer, Sgts. John McCullough, Sidney John Grandin, Andrew Whyte, Raymond Arthur Carr, Arthur Dickens Chiddenton, Byron Ball Reid, Louis Rushton, Thomas Anderson Angus, Rupert William Mee, Wyman Grant Dunn, Toronto.
Flt/Sgt Charles William Adrian Coop, Kitchener; Flt/Sgt Stewart Foster Garland, W/O Charles Mervyn Ruffles, Flt/Sgts Robert Bonnar, David Shirley Smart, Sgt. Joseph J. E. R. Lashley, Ottawa; Sgts. Arthur Jack Stewart, Stanley William Gentle, Hamilton; Sgt. William Loban Seitz, Sioux Lookout; Sgts. Lawrence Edward Gardiner, Francis Carlyle Goring, Woodstock; Sgt. Clarence Osborne Motheral, Kenton; Flt. Sgt. Charles Robert Byers, Sehumaker; Sgt. Ryly James Barnes, Kenora; Sgt. Ross Kenneth Whitney, Chapleau; W/O Omar Diggins, Georgetown; W/O Wilmer Harry Reid, East York; Sgt. Kenneth Cole Henry, Guelph; Sgt. Lloyd George Wallace, Agincourt; Sgt. George Alfred Waddell, Bethany; W/O Robert Finlay MacDermid, Flt/Sgt Lorne Weller Haunts.
Sgt. Foster Charles McClellan, Kingston; Flt/Sgt Charles Stewart Pope, Stratford; Sgt. Archie Macdonald, Angus; Flt/Sgt Alexander Ivor MacRae, Maxville; W/O Leonard William Casper Limpert, Wiarton; Sgt. Alan Edward Fleming, Smiths Falls; Sgt. Dean Hugh Dover, Mount Dennis.
Flt/Sgt Ronald Claus Moyer, Beamsville; Flt/Sgt George W. H. Ebert, Cache Bay; Flt/Sgt Kenneth Robert Dougan, Trenton; Sgt. Vernon P. B. Hill, St. Catharines; Flt/Sgt William Campbell Gordon, Sgt. Arthur Gerard Sauer, Owen Sound; Flt/Sgt Norman Frank Smith, Petrolia; Flt/Sgt Henry Harold Beaupre, Waterloo; Sgt. Russell Hall Lindsay, Kingsville; Flt/Sgt David Macleod Crozier, Walkerton; Sgt. William Edward Rowland, Brussels; Sgt. Arthur John Skinner, Essex.


Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, June 22, 1943 - (CP) - The R.C.A.F. in its 608th casualty list of the war, containing 52 names, tonight named two men as killed on active service overseas and nine as killed on active service in Canada. Following is the latest casualty list, with official next of kin (this list includes):

MYERS, Cameron Dickson, F/O, missing after air operations overseas. H. C. Myers (father), 657 Argyle Road, Windsor, Ontario.


Victories Include :

27 July 1942 1/2 Ju88 destroyed [1]

0.5 / 0 / 0

[1] Shared with J.A. "Red" Omand.
This was 421 Squadron's 1st e/a destroyed.




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