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More Canadians Missing Overseas

Ottawa, October 2nd 1941 - (CP) - The Royal Canadian Air Force reported today in its seventy-fifth casualty list, seven men missing after air operations overseas and two men killed in flying accidents in Canada. Included in today's list was one man previously reported missing and now presumed dead, three men previously reported missing and now reported prisoners of war, one man interned in Eire and two seriously ill in Canada. This brought R.C.A.F. dead and missing to 820.
Canadian airmen, in the thick of the air battles over Europe, are getting their share of casualties in Britain's stepped-up offensive. Reports were received yesterday in many homes, telling of the death of a son or husband overseas.

Flying Officer Stanley Anton Wells of Weston has been killed in action, word being received by his mother, Mrs. S. C. Wells, Humberview Crescent. He was a spectacular flier, noted for his courage and audacity. A veteran of the Ethiopian campaign, he was transferred to Libya where he saw plenty of action. It is believed he was near Tobruk at the time of his death. Wells was the son of a former president of the Canadian National Telegraphs, and was educated at Lachine High School and Macdonald College, Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Que.


From Weston, Ontario.
Joined the RAF early in the summer of 1940.
Commissioned 9 November.
Joined "K" flight in East Africa.
Served in the Western desert with the "new" 250 squadron.

KIA 27 Sept 1941 - Shot down by Karl-Wolfgang Redlich of 1/JG27.

His name is engraved on the Alamein Memorial.


Canuck Flier Who Shot Down Two In Two Minutes, Dead

(Moose Jaw Times Herald) Toronto, Thursday, October 2, 1941 – (CP) – Flying Officer Stanley Anton Wells, 30, of suburban Weston, attached to the Royal Air Force since the outbreak of the war, has been killed in action, his mother was advised yesterday. The cable telling of his death followed one received Saturday which said he was missing.
He was credited with shooting down the first Italian plane in the Ethiopian campaign and recently had bagged two German Messerschmitts in two minutes off Sidi Barani (About 200 kilometers east of Tubruq, Egypt).
He was noted also for his feat in landing his Hurricane to pick up a downed comrade and fly him back to safety. The downed flier sat on Wells’ knees during the flight back.
He was with 250 Squadron


Victories Include :

26 Feb 1941
30 Jun 1941
26 Aug 1941
one CR 32
one Me110
two Me109s

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