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Jack Williams

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Fulfils Vow to Brother, Bags Two Nazi Planes

By LOUS V. HUNTER With The R.C.A.F. in Britain, March 14, 1944 — (CP)— F/O J. F. H. Williams, 22, of Toronto, has fulfilled a promise he made to his 13-year-old, brother, David, before he left Canada — to shoot down two German aircraft in one operation.
He kept his promise during a sweep when pilots of the Typhoon Squadron, with which he flies, destroyed nine enemy aircraft without loss. His pair raised his score to three Focke-Wulf 190s destroyed, in addition to a share in the destruction of a Dornier 217."I got one by himself," said the diminutive flier, “but couldn't fire at him because he was flying too low between the trees. I continued the chase for two or three minutes until he had to come up to clear a hill. Then I fired as he got to the top. He tried to make a forced landing in a small field, but he touched down just on the edge and crashed into a wood."
Williams went back to the dog-fight his companions were waging, singled out one of three Focke-Wulfs and raked him with cannon and machine-gun fire.
"He tried an impossible tight turn to starboard and then I gave him another burst,"
John Williams
John Williams
the pilot related. "This seemed to frighten him because he steeped the turn, flicked over on his back and spun in. He blew up on hitting the ground.
"David will certainly be delighted when he hears the news," Williams smiled.


"Jack" in Toronto & "Pee-Wee" (5'4") in the RCAF.
Born 6 September 1921 in Toronto.
Son of John George Ivor & Rose Emily Hart Williams.
Home there (Draughtsman).
Enlisted there 25 August 1941
Trained at
No.6 ITS (graduated 2 January 1942)
No.10 EFTS (graduated 13 March 1942) &
No.6 SFTS, Dunville (graduated 17 July 1942).
Posted Overseas in August 1942.
Trained at 17 (P) AFU & 55 OTU.
Joined 198 Squadron in December 1942.
Promoted to F/S in January 1943.
Commissioned in Febuary 1943.
Promoted to F/O in August 1943.
Posted to 193 Squadron in September 1943.
Posted back to 198 Squadron in April 1944 but
His tour expired and he joined 84 Group.
Back to 198 Squadron in June 1944.
Promoted to F/L 8 July and sent to 257 Sqaudron.

Killed in Action 26 July 1944 (the day after his DFC was
Gazetted). Shot down by flak in Typhoon MN919, FM-Q.
He called over the radio that he had been hit in the
back & was paralyzed. The other pilots tried to lead him
back to base but he replied "I've had it." Seconds later
he half-rolled his kite and crashed near a railway line.
The above came from a book and probably originated in
a press release. Below I have posted a clip from the
documentary "Typhoon at War" (click link to check it out
on youtube
) - Sir Kenneth Adam OBE speaking.

Award presented to his mother in Toronto, 1 Dec. 1948.


WILLIAMS, F/O John Frederick Hart (J17270) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.198 Sq.
Award effective 25 July 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and
AFRO 2052/44 dated 22 September 1944

This officer has proved himself to be a skilful and resolute pilot. He has taken part in a large number of sorties during which he has attacked a wide range of targets and has achieved much success. In air fighting he has shot down three enemy aircraft. He has always displayed the greatest keenness to engage the enemy.


John Williams  


22, pilot with the 257th Burma squadron, who was reported missing over Caboug, near Caen, July 26 last, is now presumed dead. He won his decoration and a promotion only a short time before his last trip. He completed his first tour last summer. Due for a furlough when the invasion commenced, he returned to duty and was on his second tour. He was credited with bringing down three Focke-Wulfs and 1/2 a Dornier. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. I. Williams, Norwood Rd., he attended Kimberley public school and Danforth Tech. where he played hockey. He was former patrol leader of No. 1 Boy Scout troop and was a member of St Saviour's church. He enlisted in May 1941, and went overseas in July 1942. Surviving besides his parents is a brother, David.


Victories Include :

30 Nov 1943
4 Dec 1943
30 Jan 1944
one FW190
1/2 Do217
two FW190s
destroyed *

* Shared with K.F.C. Bowman (RAF)

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Thanks go out to Bob for the infos !

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