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Front Line Squadron Overseas Fly Faster, Heavier Fighting Ships

Ottawa, April 30, 1943 - (CP) - R.C.A.F. headquarters said today in a press release that pilots of a front-line fighter squadron of the R.C.A.F. in Britain recently switched aircraft and now are flying in "the improved type of Spitfire."
A few members of the squadron had flown the aircraft before while serving with other squadrons, but for most it was their first experience with the heavier, faster model.
"This Spit is the design which carries the Merlin 61 engine and a four-bladed propeller, and was taken off the secret list some months ago," the Air Force said.
The squadron, commanded by S/L F. H. Boulton of Coleman, Alta., had been flying with a slightly earlier model Spitfire.
Pilots in the squadron come from all parts of Canada, from P/O H. MacDonald of Sydney Mines, N.S., to F/O Norman A. Keene of White Rock, B.C. Keene recently joined the squadron after a period of operational flying in another Canadian fighter unit led by S/L Bud Malloy, D.F.C., of Halifax.
Other pilots who joined the Squadron recently are F/L R. M. (Dick) Stayner of Saskatoon; F/L W. S. Quint of Calgary; Sgt. G. Gall of Keene, Ont., and Sgt. Lou Woloschuk who played amateur hockey in Western Canada before he joined the RCAF.


From Kamsack, Saskatchewan [?]
Home in Schist Lake, Manitoba
Enlisted in Winnipeg, 29 April 1941
Trained at
No.4 ITS, Edmonton (graduated 16 August 1941)
No.19 EFTS, Virden (graduated 24 October 1941) and
No.13 SFTS, St. Hubert (graduated 16 January 1942)
Flew with 414 Squadron
Award sent by registered mail, 3 May 1951


Wally & Dorothy Bandelow
Wally with Dorothy Bandelow, a WAAF friend


WOLOSCHUK, F/L Lewis (J18360) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.414 Squadron
Award effective 7 July 1945 as per London Gazette dated 20 July 1945 &
AFRO 1453/45 dated 14 September 1945

This officer has now completed a tour of operations. His work as a tactical reconnaissance pilot has been outstanding. On one occasion he encountered a formation of at least ten enemy aircraft. He destroyed one, damaged another and returned to base after completing his mission successfully. By his excellent leadership in many difficult situations he has gained the respect and confidence of those who have flown with him.


Victories Include :

8 Oct 1943
1 Jan 1945
1/4 Do24
one FW190
one Me109
destroyed *
destroyed &

1.25 / 0 / 1

* Shared with F/L J.A.M.G. de Nivervill, F/O W.G. Dodd and P/O L.A. Moore




Thanks to Alan Vickers for the lower photo of his Mom with Wally on a Spitfire

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