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Blast Genoa, Patrol Bay of Biscay and Fight Over France

London, Nov. 9, 1942 - (CP Cable) - Canadian airmen, flying with both R.A.F. and R.C.A.F, squadrons, participated during a busy week-end in the heavy Genoa raids, extensive fighter operations over northern France and lively patrol of the, Bay of Biscay, where axis submarines prowl on allied shipping.

Engine Busters
R.C.A.F. squadrons formed no part of the bomber forces sent to Genoa Friday and Saturday nights but, there were a number of Canadians in the big R.A.F. bombers which carried out the two successful raids.
Spitfire pilots of an R.C.A.F. fighter wing, including the "engine busters" squadron commanded by S/L John Fee, of Calgary, were engaged in a number of low-level sorties Saturday against enemy communications between Calais and Cherbourg. They destroyed or damaged 14 locomotives. The fighters were out again Sunday, escorting American Flying Fortresses in a successful raid on the steel and engineering works at Lille and in a diversionary raid on the Abbeville aerodrome. Four of the fighters were lost.
Late on Saturday Mustangs of the Canadian Army Co-operation Squadron raided a factory and freight train at Caen.
Three Hudson bombers of the Coastal Command Demon Squadron engaged three German Arado floatplanes during a patrol Saturday, destroying two and severely damaged the other.
The Saturday-night attack on Genoa seemed to "saturate" the city's defences, F/S Bob Farquharson, of Charlottetown, reported. Farquharson, a bomb aimer, said the bomber he was on "had time to make a circuit after dropping our bombs. I saw them burst near some fires. It was the first time I’d ever seen our own bombs explode."

Brantford Flyer
Sgt. Olaf Forland, of Brantford, told of "fires galore of every colour and description all over the target area." He said they lit up the entire city and the rear gunner added that flames could be seen at least 100 miles away before his Halifax ran into snowstorms and 30-below-zero weather on the return flight. P/O Kenneth Mackenzie, of Toronto, described Friday's raid — his third flight to Genoa — as "effective," while Sgt. K. N. Read, of Saskatoon, declared it was a "wizard show." Read, a wireless operator, said his aircraft encountered "a little excitement" over Genoa when one engine cut out, but the bomber went on without mishap.
Other Canadians in the Friday night raid were F/S C. C. McAlpine, of Moose Jaw, Sask., and George Graham, of Aurora, Ont.
The "engine busters" shot up seven locomotives by themselves Saturday to bring their score for a three-week period to 24. Members of other squadrons completed the day's bag.
P/O L. Powell, of Edmonton, shared in three attacks, bringing his personal score to 12 destroyed or damaged. P/O George Keith, of Taber, Alta., shared in attacks on four engines and P/O Dick Ellis, of Montreal West, who helped shoot up three, flew so low over one as it exploded the steam covered his Spitfire's windshield and temporarily blinded him,
Ellis and W/O D. McCrimmon, of Sylvan Lake, Alta., made separate attacks on two locomotives, both of which blew up. They teamed up for an attack on a third.
Workers in fields waved at F/Ls Frank Grant of Brockville, Ont., and Ted Wood of Renfrew, Ont., when they swept low to attack another locomotive. F/L John Godfrey, of Toronto, attacked still another, scoring direct hits.
P/O L. H. Jenner, of Windsor, Ont., led a Demon, formation which fought a sharp and successful operation with the Arados. Jenner's rear gunner, Sgt. T. M. O'Neill, of Ottawa, shot down one. F/S J. D. Ferguson, of Halifax, piloted the Hudson which got the second Arado and later he attacked an enemy ship.
After taking care of the first float plane, Jenner turned to the assistance of F/S R. C. Dalagleish, of Comber, Ont., and together they forced the third German off homeward, limping and barely skimming the wave tops.


Born in Kingston, Ontario, 1916
Educated at Queen's University (civil engineer)
Home given variously as Renfrew and Toronto
Enlisted in Toronto, 9 October 1939
First trained at Border Cities Flying Club, Windsor
(nearly washed out on Tiger Moths !)
Then to Trenton and finally
To Camp Borden (wings, June 1940)
Initially served as a staff pilot
   flying Lysanders at Rockcliffe and Jarvis
Took instructor course at Trenton
Then instructed at
No.2 SFTS &
Ferried a Hudson to Prestwick, 1 April 1942
To No.61 OTU, Rednall (Spitfires)
Tied for 1st place in course with an ex-Tiger Moth instructor
Posted to 402 Squadron, 25 June 1942, however,
There were too many Flight Lieutenants in that unit, so
Posted to 401 Squadron, 24 July 1942
Shot up and wounded during the Dieppe Raid
In December 1942 he took command of a flight in 416 Sq.
Ditched in North Sea in January 1943 (rescued after an hour)
Posted to No.53 OTU, Llndow, Wales, April 1943
After six months he returned to 402 Squadron
On D Day-plus six he led a section to B.2, stayed the night,
   and was fired upon by our guns the next day
Learned he had overnighted in France by error
Took command of 403 Squadron, 16 June 1944
Finished his second tour, 25 November 1944 &
Returned to Canada 1 April 1945
Released from service
Rejoined the RCAF in October 1946
His service included time with 402 (Auxiliary) Squadron
   and the Vampire aerobatic team which appeared
   at the Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis in 1947
Flew Sabres with 421 and 413 Squadrons
Award presented at St.Hubert
Killed in an automobile accident, 13 June 1959


Fliers Win DFC's

Ottawa, Jan. 1, 1945 - (CP) - Air Force Headquarters tonight announced the award of three bars to the Distinguished Flying Cross and of 30 DFC's to RCAF personnel serving overseas.
Two of the DFC's went to F/L Douglas Warren and F/L Bruce Warren, twin brothers from Ponoka, Alta., who are serving with the same squadron overseas. The recipients:

S/L W.A. Olmsted, Hamilton
F/O D.W. Goodwin, Maynooth
F/O D.R.C. Jamieson, 148 Gilbert Ave., Toronto

S/L W.M. Foster, Guelph
S/L E.H. Lapp, Redcliffe, Alta.
S/L A.E. Monson, North Hollywood, California
S/L A.H. Sager, Vancouver
S/L E.P. Wood, Renfrew
F/L W.D. Burton, Brantford
F/L J.M. Ballachey, High River, Alta.
F/L W.C. Fox, Dunnville
F/L R.E. Evans, Cleveland, Ohio
F/L P.L. Gibbs, Harlan, Sask.
F/L D.W.A. Harling, Westmount, Que.
F/L J.E. McLurg, Westmount, Que.
F/L H.J. Nixon, Hamilton
F/L J.D. Orr of Victoria
F/L W.B. Peglar, 144 Glengarry Ave., Toronto
F/L D.B. Rodd, Concord, Mass.
F/L N.G. Russell, New Westminster
F/L B. Warren, Ponoka, Alta.
F/L D. Warren, Ponoka, Alta.
F/L G.M. Smith, Nelson, B.C.
F/O W.K. Carr, Grand Bank, Nfld.
F/O W.F. Cook, Clinton
F/O D.H. Kimball, Oromocto, N.B.
F/O J.P. Lumsden, Hamilton
F/O H.F. Morse, Haney, B.C.
F/O G.F. Ockenden, Edmonton
F/O P. Slayden, Houston, Texas
F/O A.M. Sauve, Hull, Que.
F/O W.R. Weeks, Loggieville, N.B.
P/O J.A. Kerr, Alexander, Man.


WOOD, S/L Edward Poyntz (C1158) - DFC - No.403 Sq.
Award effective 18 December 1944 as per
London Gazette dated 29 December 1944 &
AFRO 435/45 dated 9 March 1945.

This officer has nearly completed a second tour of operations. He has proved himself a fearless leader and has commanded his squadron with great success. He has always displayed great keenness to operate against the enemy. Since D-Day he has destroyed at least three enemy aircraft and damaged a further two. In addition he has either destroyed or damaged eighty-three mechanical vehicles.

S/L "Eepee" Wood

S/L Ed Wood


Victories Include :

2 July 1944

5 Oct 1944
6 Oct 1944
one Me109
two Me109s
2.5 Me109s
one Me109

all near Arnhem *

3.5 / 1 / 2

* - one shared with P/O R.C.A. "Al" Shannon (Osterbeek area)




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