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pilots of 438 squadron
Pilots of 438 Squadron while they were still on Hurricanes

The four on top: Ross Johnson (killed in shelling on the ground, 15 July 1944), Art Brooker, Ron Getty (shot down in Normandy, evaded) and Jack Hilton.

On the wing: Jack Cornelison (KIA, 29 September 1944), Don Banting (DFC), Buck Newsome (KIA, 7 October 1944) and Ross Reid (DFC).

Standing: Harry G. Upham, Bob Coffey (DFC & Bar, killed in road accident, 1 August 1945), Vic McMann (POW), JCW "Bill" Hope (KIFA, 14 January 1944), Ted Bugg (KIA, 12 August 1944), George Edington (POW), Jack Beirnes (DFC, KIFA 1 June 1945), Pete Wilson (KIA, 1 January 1945), Bob McKenzie (KIA, 17 July 1944) and Lou Park (KIA, 27 June 1944).

In front: Norm Dawber (DFC), Roy Burden and Bill Whitmore (only with 438 for OTU. later with 257 RAF, POW 20 Jan 1945*).

(Thanks go out to Frank Dutil an RCAF historian for the corrections)



Some 438 squadron pilots - January 1945
Some 438 squadron pilots - January 1945

On the plane are:

Doug Seath
Ray Oldfin
Bill McKay
Pop Dewar
Frank Skelly
Andy Lord
Fred Richards
Bill Beatty
Ron Getty


Standing in front:

Don Campbell
Art Brooker
Bob Fox
Ross Reid (the CO October-December 1944)
Bob Spooner
Hank Wallace
Bill Kinsella
Earl McAlpine
Bill Harle
Gord Errington

Thanks to Frank Dutil for the photo !




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