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This is not really a museum ... its a web site.

There are people on this site who flew with the RCAF that are not Canadian. Most of them are Americans or Brits but you will find others. You will also find Canadians who flew with Air Forces other than the RCAF, and some men who immigrated to Canada after their service in WW2.



I'd like to thank all the people who have sent me photos & infos of themselves, family members and friends. This site may never be done but we're off to a pretty good start!

Throughout this site, I make good use (copy/paste) of Hugh Halliday’s extensive collection of information regarding honors awarded to Canadians (Thanks Hugh, this site is as much yours as it is mine). This info can be found at the Air Force Association of Canada's web site in the aptly named Honours & Awards section. Some of the info has been updated - by Hugh (he never stops) &/or me - so that may be reflected here.

F.H. Hitchins has compiled cards with info on countless Canadian Airmen and they reside at the Directorate of History & Heritage in Ottawa. Mr Halliday mentions them often in his research so they warrant mentioning here. Not to mention the Directorate itself. Lots of records there.

Library & Archives Canada, formerly the National Archives (Ottawa). All kinds of good stuff there including service records.

The National War Museum in Ottawa has a research center loaded with information. The museum's not bad either.

The Gazette Gateway is also very handy for looking up awards and info of that nature.

We also have newspaper articles via the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation (CMCC) & the Google News Archives.

A special thanks to the good folks over at the Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Center in Ottawa for all the great pictures they've provided me with over the years. Without them, this site would be pretty boring since almost all of the photos on this site that were not sent to me by the featured or their families, are DND photos courtesy of them.
Also, Francois "Frank" Dutil has provided me with lots of great pix and info, Collette, Bill ... I'm going to have to get back to this because there are quite a few folks i would like to add here ...

THANKS to everyone who sends me stuff in the future!
And, if you're thinking about emailing, don't be shy.


Comments, Corrections, Contributions, Suggestions ?



To all the "contacts" at various Canadian Legions I've attempted to reach over the years - and never received even one reply - not one - what's up with that?


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