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"Us" is me, Joe (I also run acesofww2.com) and all the good folks who send me stuff and help me out in all sorts of ways (To see who some of them are flick the "Thanks/Sources" switch on the right there). Individual contributors - and there are lots - are mentioned at the bottom of the pages with their contributions.


Mission Statement

The idea here is to put a face on every "Canadian" fighter pilot or air gunner that shot down anything. I think I'm putting the line at a half share (1/2 kill) but I may change that later.
Since many a brave airman got no kills at all, I'm posting those with gallantry awards as well.
You will also find some that are there just because people loved & respected them.
That being said, if you know someone that should be represented here, just let me know.


By flicking that "Thanks/Sources" switch on the right, you will also find a list of books I have that I get info and pictures from.
I may post links to online research tools there too eventually.

One day I would like to see a 'real' Canadian Fighter Pilot & Air Gunner Museum. Until then, I'll keep building this virtual one.

If YOU have anything that you would like to see here, or photos of any of these men or squadron photos or additional info or whatever, please do not hesitate to me !

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