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Not a Canadian Squadron but plenty of Kanuks in it


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501 squadron

Hawkinge, 29 April 1944

Any help with confirming the identity of these guys is always appreciated

Back Row :

  1) Robert Clive Stockburn (DFC)
  2) Albert James Grottick
  3) J. M. Griffin
  4) S. L. Clarke (Can)
  5) Stuart Smith (Can)
  6) Freddy Mossing (Can DFC KIA)
  7) Ronald Henry "Bunny" Bennett
  8) William F. "Bill" Polley (Eire)
  9) Regis "Lulu" Deleuze (FF, KIA)
10) John Alfred "Doc" Malloy (Can)
11) Warren Peglar (Can, DFC)
12) L. P. Griffith (NZ)
13) H. Burton
14) Reginald Ernest Farrow (KIA)

Middle Row :

1) G. N. Mann
2) N. N. Galer
3) Jock McKenzie (Scot)
4) S/L M. Gary Barnett (NZ)
5) Oliver Ernest Willis
6) Newark Thomas Andrews (Can)
7) Jean Vaissier (FF)

Front Row :

1) E. Twigg
2) A. E. Gunn
3) F/O Wakinson (Adm)
4) P/O East (IO)
5) John R. Davies
6) "Foob" Fairbanks (US DFC)


A Flight, 501 Squadron

"A" Flight

Back :

1) Albert Grottick
2) Bill Polley
3) N. N. Galer
4) Jock McKenzie [1]
5) G. N. Mann
6) J. M. Griffin
7) Foob Fairbanks
Front :

1) S. L. Clarke
2) E. Twigg
3) Ron "Benny" or "Bunny" Bennett
4) H. Burton
5) Freddy Mossing
6) L. P. Griffith




Photos from the Peglar collection.

Thanks to Duncan Hewitt for the names from the book.

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