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Jack Carpenter

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Carpenter Family
The Carpenter family in Toronto shortly before their departure to the UK. Directly behind Jack - who is front row center - is his RCAF brother, Frederick Stanley Carpenter who went on to become a Major General in the Canadian Forces


Born & raised in Toronto
Son of Major Frederick Noel Carpenter &
Ida May Carpenter, of Llanfaethlu, Anglesey
He was a Cadet in Canada (top photo)
The family returned to Wales in  late 1938 or early '39
Joined the FAA in 1939 - H.M.S. Daedalus
Due to lack of pilots during the Battle of Britain
On completing his training he was
Pressed into RAF service 15 June 1940
On 9 July he was posted to 229 Squadron, Wittering
Then to 46 Squadron (Digby) two weeks later when
- that unit returned from Norway
At some point after his 2nd kill (5 Sept) he was injured
On sick leave but put back on strength of 46 Squadron
- (Again due to the lack of pilots)
Shot down 8 September 1940 in Hurricane P3201
- (which crashed at Bearsted, Maidstone)
His parachute failing to deploy properly * he was KIA
Buried at sea 16 September 1940, 21 years old
Often not recognized as such, he was one of
- at least 38 Canadians that died in the BoB

* Prophetically, following his first crash, Jack wrote a letter to his brother claiming he thought it much better to ride to the ground in a burning Hurricane & risk being burned or crushed to death in the crash, to bailing out and hoping that his parachute would open


Jack & Hawker Ospreys
Jack during his training (no wings) with the FAA ... making those planes Hawker Osprey's most likely


Victories Include :

3 Sept 1940
5 Sept 1940
one Me110
one Me109

2 / 0 / 0




Thanks to Yolande & the Carpenter family for the photos & infos !

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