Frederick Albert "Duke" Duquette


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7 August 1943 - At Centralia, the following Ontario pilots graduated from No. 9 Service Flying Training School, R.C.A.F.:
W. F. Anderson, C. P. Blaker, H. Britton, W. R. Clayton, L. J. Easterbrook, L. A. Edhouse, T. H. Hunt, H. B. McGillicudy, J. J. Pearson, F. C. Pearson, C. J. Skeflin, M. Teitelbaum, H. P. Walters and J. W. Wood, Toronto; W. G. Allen, Hagersville; H. A. Barry, Baysville; R. Parsons, Carrying Place; R. E. Silverwood, St. Catharines; D. I. Thompson, Thessalon; S. J. Trowhill, Cataract; J. K. Wilson, Chesley; R. G. Beaune and I. A. Stevenson, Windsor; E. O. Bellows, London; F. B. Duquette and P. J. Smith, North Bay; G. C. Lobrick and J. L. Roy, Sudbury; J. S. Conroy, Sault Ste. Marie and G. K. Grier, Lansdowne.


Son of Moses and Ellen Duquette, North Bay, On.
Enlisted 17 Feb 1941
No. 1 Manning Depot, Toronto
No. 31 Bombing & Gunnery School, Picton Ont.
No. 3 ITS Victoriaville, Quebec
No. 16 EFTS Calgary
No. 3 SFTS Edmonton, Winged 5 Nov. 1941
No. 1 "Y" Depot (Overseas Pool) Halifax
Left Halifax on HMS California, 9 December 1941
Arrived 9 days later at Grenoch Scotland
Proceeded by rail to Bournemouth England
(Personnel Receiving Centre)
Posted to Hastings, England, still 3 P.R.C.
From Hastings to advanced flying course at
Brize Norton, Oxon. (#2 S.F.T.S. - #5 A.F.C.)
KiFA   8 May 1943


Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, 9 April 1944 —The Department of National Defense for Air today issued casualty list No. 852 of the R.C.A.F., including Ontario airmen with next of kin includes:


Previously Missing — Now Officially Presumed Dead

DUQUETTE, Frederick Albert, P/O M. A. Duquette (father), North Bay


No Known Victories        

Johnson & Duquette
Fred (r) with his Navigator Albert Johnson




Thanks to Jamie Duquette for the photos & infos !

For more info, check out this

Youtube video made by Jamie Duquette

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