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Veterans  of Hamilton Aero Club Classes Had Been Instructors
Ceremonies Take Place at Dunnville and Hagersville Centres

Dunnville, June 20, 1942 — Addressing visitors and graduating airmen at a "wings" parade at No. 6 Service Flying Training school, R.C.A.F., here, yesterday afternoon, Wing Commander V. H. Patriarch, officer commanding, made a strong appeal to every one to put down their differences and make a single and solid effort to win the war.
"These days," he said, "we are hearing a good deal of discussion on the war effort. There are a certain number of points on which people seem to disagree in a violent sort of way. Allowing these arguments to impede a wholehearted devotion of our energies to the task in hand is highly detrimental. Whether or not you believe in the policies adopted by a democratic government in this democratic country, it must not be permitted in any respect to stop us following the policies laid down. Our effort must be wholeheartedly devoted to the channels along which they are laid down. Sometimes we think we could have done better ourselves than those in authority. Later we find we were wrong. Those in authority have better information than we have and their judgment is perfectly sound. There is no use pretending we are winning the war. We are holding our own and if we continue to do our best, we can and will win. If any of us lie down on the job, we are hindering the war effort. Not only do we have to continue our war effort as we have been doing, but we have to do more. I cannot appeal too strongly to every one to put down their differences. There must be a single and solid effort to win the war."

Two Classes
Two classes were graduated at the ceremony, one a regular class of trainees and the other a class of pilots all of whom have been flying instructors in the joint air plan for a year or more and have been doing part of the work at the training schools. The instructors were formerly commercial pilots, bush flyers and airways co-pilots who had volunteered to train airmen in their elementary work. Speaking of these men, Wing-Commander Patriarche said: "These sergeant-pilots have a good deal more flying behind them but they took on the job of doing all the ground work in less than half the regular time. They have done a remarkable job and we at this station are greatly pleased with them."

Learned to Fly Here
Among the graduating instructors were three men who learned to fly at the Hamilton Aero club and are well known here. They were Murray H. Havers, 1 Lloyd street, Hamilton, who got his commercial pilot's license here and has been an instructor at the R.C.A.F. school, Virden, Manitoba; H. G. Hughes, McLeod, California, who learned to fly here and then became a civilian instructor at the local club and has since been instructing at Mount Hope school; R. N. Perdue, of Oakville, who got his commercial license here and later became an instructor at the St. Catharines elementary school. Other members of this group came from the United States and many Canadian provinces. There were no district men in the trainees class which was made up of Canadian and United States youths as well as representatives of the R.A.F and R.N.Z.A.F.

Famous Squadron
Hagersville, Ont, June 20.—In an open air "wings" ceremony on the parade ground at No. 16 Service Flying Training school, R.C.A.F., here, last evening, a particularly fine class of graduating bomber pilots received their coveted "wings." With one exception, they were all members of the famous precision drill squadron which was featured at the Canadian National exhibition last year and later toured the United States.
Many of the graduates came from the United States, while others came from Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. There were two Hamilton men, P/O Wil­liam Allison Inman, son of Mrs. Inman and the late Fred W. Inman, a graduate of Westdale collegiate and former Steel Company of Canada employee, and Sgt.-Pilot Reginald Hamilton Parr, 26 London street north, a son of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Parr. From Burlington came Sgt.-Pilot Howard Wilfred Sheppard, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Sheppard, 31 Locust street, Burlington.
Addressing the class before pre­senting the "wings," Wing-Cmdr. David Harding, officer commanding the station, said, in part: "This is a grand occasion for all of us — for you and for us. We people who are fighting the battle of training here in Canada feel mighty proud when we see a class coming on successful­ly in learning which is going to make them at all times superior to the enemy. He is a difficult enemy, well trained. But we are just as well trained and we are fighting for a better cause. For that reason we are going to win."
Before the march-past, at which Wing-Commander Harding took the salute, Flight-Lieut. R. W. O'Brien, station padre, read, a prayer for pilots, composed by a former officer at the station.
Twelve of the class were granted commissions as pilot officers, including W. A. Inman, of Hamilton.


Born August 30, 1919, in Hamilton Ontario
Home there
Learned to Fly at the Hamilton Aero Club
Enlisted in Toronto sometime during the BoB
Training in Toronto, then
Trenton (instructor training)
Early 1941 Thunder Bay #2 EFTS Tiger Moths for one yr
To Virden, Man. early 1942 - Tiger Moths
May-1942 Dunville - Harvards (winter in Toronto 1st?)
July-1942 posted to 132 [F] Squadron at Sea Island
Then to Patricia Bay - Kittyhawks and Harvards
Then in October to Tofino (still with 132 Sq.)
Early June 1943 posted overseas
To 401 squadron in fall 1943
Then with 401 to Beny-sur-Mer
(In on 1st of the now-famous beer runs to Normandy)
Then Dutch bases
Then Rednal (Shropshire)
Then Biggin Hill
Leave to Dartmouth, N.S.,
With the Pacific Theatre invasion force
Training on Lancasters when a-bomb dropped



28 June 1944 - Warrant Officer M. H. Havers, 1 Lloyd street, Hamilton, Ont., has been with the R.C.A.F. Spitfire squadron of the 2nd Tactical Air Force commanded by S/L L. M. Cameron, D.F.C., since December, 1943. Prior to arriving overseas, he was an instructor at Fort William, Ont., and Virden, Man., and served with a Kittyhawk squadron on the west coast of Canada.

W/O Havers

Murray Havers


RCAF Shoots Down 26 Enemy Planes in Normandy Between Dawn and Dusk

By P/O H. R. McDONALD, A Canadian Airfield in France, June 29, 1944 - (CP) - Canadian fighter planes, in one of the most brilliant achievements in the history of the R.C.A.F., shot down 26 out of a total of 34 enemy aircraft destroyed over the Normandy front between dawn and dusk yesterday.
In addition, R.C.A.F. pilots chalked up a number of enemy planes probab1y shot down and a number of others which were damaged.
Four pilots scored double kills. They were Wing Cmdr. J. E. (Johnny) Johnson, English–born commander of a Canadian fighter wing operating from an R.C.A.F. base in Normandy, and F/Ls H. C. Trainor, Charlottetown, W. T. Klersy, 14 Harcroft Rd., Toronto, and R. K. Hayward, St. John's, Nfld.

Destroys Two, Damages Third
Hayward destroyed two FW-190's and damaged a third, which gave him the highest R.C.A.F. individual score of the day.
Earlier reports indicated the Canadian airmen had downed 18 enemy planes in yesterday's daylight operations.
The complete figures were reached by intelligence officers today after a period of aerial operations which exceeded in intensity anything since the Allied Normandy beachhead was opened June 6.
Besides the toll of enemy planes, which included all fighter types, R.C.A.F. pilots also strafed transport on the roads.

Final claims on two aircraft are being sifted
Among the R.C.A.F. Spitfire pilots contributing to the total with one Hun each were: F/Ls. Irving Kennedy, Cumberland, Ont.; G. R. Patterson, Kelowna, B.C.; J. McElroy, Kamloops, B.C.; Henry Zary, New York; R. M. Stayner, Saskatoon; A. F. Halcrow, Penticton, B.C.; G. W. Johnson, 102 Beechwood Ave., Hamilton, Ont.; D. E. Noonan, 146 Willingdon Ave., Kingston, Ont.; J. P. Rainville, Montreal; and Flying Officers W. J. Banks, Leaside, Ont. and G. H. Farquharson, Corbyville, Ont.
Wing Cmdr. Johnson's score of two brought his total of enemy planes downed to 32, equaling the mark set by Group Capt. A. G. (Sailor) Malan, a South African, now on ground duty.
Among the R.C.A.F. fliers scoring probables were F/O A. C. Brandon, Timmins, Ont.; F/O J. B. O'Sullivan, Vancouver and P/O J. M. Flood, Hearst, Ont.

Nine Others Damaged
At least nine others wire damaged by fliers of the R.C.A.F.
Of the wings comprising Group Capt, W. (Bill) MacBrien's R.C.A.F. sector, the one led by 22-year-old Wing Cmdr, George Keefer, D.F.C. and Bar, Charlottetown, was high scorer of the day with 13 confirmed victories. Johnson's wing was second with seven, in a close race with a unit led by Wing Cmdr. R. A. Buckham, Vancouver.
The margin for Keefer's wing was established in two dusk operations in which seven enemy planes were destroyed and two damaged. In the first action Hayward sighted more than 25 Nazi fighters and led his formation in pursuit. He damaged one.
Later the same Spitfires became embroiled with a dozen FW-190's, and Hayward got two of them. The first fell out of control, and the second burst into flames and crashed after Hayward had followed it down to tree-top height.
"The Huns were like bees,” said W/O Murray Havers, 1 Lloyd St., Hamilton. Ont. "They seemed confused and acted as though they did not know what they were doing."
The Canadian airmen said the Germans did not put up much of a fight despite their numerical advantage.
Other Canadians credited with kills during the day were F/O G. R. Stephen, Montreal; F/O Larry Robillard, Ottawa; F/O W. A. Gilbert, Dartmouth, N.S.; F/O Don Goodwin, Maynooth, Ont. and F/O Tommy Wheler, 10 Beauford Rd., Toronto.
F/O Klersy took a prominent part in athletics at St. Michael's College, playing hockey and rugby. He also rowed for his college, and was goalie for Ostrander's mercantile hockey team. Enlisting in June 1941, he took aircrew training in Toronto, Oshawa and Dunnville and after nearly a year with a fighter squadron at Bagotville, F/O Klersy went overseas in May 1942.
The 21-year-year old airman is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Klersy, 14 Harcroft Rd.



With the R.C.A.F. in Normandy, July 27, 1944 – (CP) - Canadian Spitfire pilots flying from beachhead airfields today destroyed at least 12 enemy aircraft. In an early morning sweep, F/L D.E. Noonan, Kingston, a City of Oshawa squadron pilot, destroyed a FW 190. He made his kill as the enemy aircraft was about to land. His victim crashed without a shot being fired while taking evasive action. F/L G.E Mott, Sarnia, shot down a FW 190 over Argences. Mott, whose sixth victory this is, belongs to a squadron led by S/L Tommy Brannagan, Windsor. F/L W. R. McRae, Port Arthur, F/L G.W. Johnson, Belleville, and P/O M.H. Havers, Hamilton, all accounted for ME 109's.



London, July 28, 1944 (CP) — RCAF overseas headquarters announced the following Ontario airmen have been selected for commissions:
J. Heaton, Weston; J. Griffin, Toronto; A. Crawford, Toronto; J. G. Ritch, Toronto; J. E. E. Gonzalez, North Thorold; E. T. Blanton, Toronto; D. P. A. Morin, Cornwall; J. D. Jarvis, Hamilton; M. C. Clark, Orillia; J. N. Parrish, Britton; D. J. Howe, Pembroke; J. Leisham, Almonte; G. V. Degazio, Sprucedale; M. H. Havers, Hamilton; A. Shaw, Riverside; N. Thompson, Ottawa; S. Puskas, Hamilton; G. Hawthorn, Port Dalhouse; W. C. Busby, Toronto; R. G. Burns, Monkham; H. C. Dutton, Niagara Falls; S. Milliken, Toronto; W. L. Cook, Leamington; D. E. Tarling, Toronto; A. C. Hewitt, Toronto; H. B. Boswell, Woodstock; R. H. Anions, Ridgetown; P. G. K. Kidd, Toronto; A. D. Barton, St. Catharines; F. H. H. Barnard, Stirling; C. D. Martin, Leaside; J. N. Lillico, Britannia Bay; D. G. Strong, Leamington; H. C. Meston, Windsor; W. C. Bevington, Etobicoke; S. McDougall, North Bay; H. J. Baker, Sarnia; J. C. Vice, Renfrew; W. R. Long, Russell; W. E. Fell, Hamilton; J. G. Hill, Toronto; W. A. McIlven, Toronto; A. Miller, Walkerville.



Friends of P/O Murray Havers and F/L George Johnson will have an opportunity of hearing their voices at 7:15 tonight when CKOC will broadcast an interview which was recorded in Normandy after recent engagements in which they participated. F/L Johnson is the son of Mrs. W.H. Johnson, 102 Beechwood Avenue, and P/O Havers is the son of Mrs. Charles Havers, 1 Lloyd Street.


Scores of Local, District Men Included
Among 2,500 Veterans of War in Skies

A list of approximately 2,500 repatriated R.C.A.F. personnel, expected to arrive at Quebec City aboard the SS Stratheden on Saturday, July 28, was announced today by air force headquarters.
The list is divided into two parts, the first of which is a group of approximately 1,700 personnel of No. 6 (R.C.A.F.) bomber group. Men are of all ranks and will proceed on leave directly from ship's side. Leave addresses are given. The second part comprises approximately 800 normal "repats," who will proceed to the depot at Lachine before going on leave.
It should be noted that the accuracy of these lists cannot be guaranteed, as there may be discrepancies due to last-minute changes prior to embarkation.

First list
The following are included in part 1 of the list: Flight-Lieut. P. Ardeline, 411 Concession street; F.O. H. H. Bessey, Port Colborne; F.O. F. T. Allport, 91 Crosthwaite avenue; F.O. S. W. Challen, 17 East 7th street; Flight-Lieut. J. C. Copeland, Brantford; Flight-Lieut. J. A. Biohler, Ancaster; Flight-Lieut. W. D. Burton, Brantford; Flight-Lieut. G. H. Henderson, 219 Main street east; Flight-Lieut. A. W. Jackson, 36 St. Matthew's avenue; Flight-Lieut. R. A. Stainer, Burlington; Squadron-Ldr. R. A. Westell, 19 Huxley avenue south; Flight-Lieut. R. C. Head, Cemetery office, York street; F.O. G. B. Thorpe, Burlington; P.O. D. R. Luff, 21 Fairholt road south; F.O. W. K. McGrath, Bartonville: F.O. F. K. Neville, Dunnville; F.O. R. E. Porter, Hamilton; Flight-Lieut. G. A. Stapleton, 386 John street north; F.O. M. H. Havers, 1 Lloyd street; Flight-Lieut. A. Hunter, 23 Barnesdale avenue north; F.O. B. E. McAndrew, 25 Springer avenue; F.O. J. McCurlie, 47 Macaulay street west; F.O. W. J. Hutchinson, 632 Barton street east; F.O. F. A. Hoyle, 26 Ottawa street south; P.O. A. C. Evans, Fenwick; P.O. R. C. Hamilton, 31 Stirton street; Flight-Lieut. G. A. Stapleton, 386 John street north; Flight-Sgt. W. E. Goldie, 355 Cannon street east; Flight-Sgt. D. R. Gregory, Burlington; Flight-Sgt. W. H. Arnold, 22 Locke street north; Flight-Sgt. W. V. Axford, 124 Edgemont avenue...


D.F.C. Winner Among Returning Veterans, Greetings From City

1 Aug 1945 - Excitement ran high, mothers jumped up and down waving handkerchiefs and little children gazed wonderingly as the first draft of repatriated R.C.A.F. personnel from the SS Stratheden arrived at the armories last night shortly before 10 o'clock. One woman collapsed from over-excitement. The draft totaled approximately 75 men, about 45 of whom were local veterans.
Included in the group was F/L H. D. Jackson, D.F.C, of 36 St. Matthew's avenue, who has been overseas for the last three years. He served with the Coastal Command. His fiancée, Miss Norma Leckie, was on hand to give a great big welcome to her returned hero.

Welcomes Her Boys
Miss Jean Cowman, former secretary of the Hamilton Aero Club, "the mother of all the boys," welcomed home one of her boys, F/O Murray Havers, of 1 Lloyd Street. Miss Cowman has been on hand many times to meet former members of the Aero Club, and has traveled to various R.C.A.F. stations to see them get their wings before they left for overseas. She began to welcome home her "family" at all times of the night before there were official receptions, she said. F/O Havers received his preliminary training in flying at the Aero Club, and was a civilian flyer for two years before his enlistment in 1940. He has been overseas for the last two years.
Sgt. Charles Butterworth, Hamilton, said that he was a cover boy. It wasn't learned if he received fan mail such as famous cover girls do, but his picture did appear on the front cover of Liberty magazine a year ago last spring. "And I only got one copy of the magazine out of it," he said in disgust. A radar expert, he has served in India for over a year, and in West Africa, having been overseas for almost four years.

Tot Gives Interview
Little Douglas Kingston, two, whose home is at 91 East 34th street, gave an interview while he was waiting for his daddy whom he had never seen. Douglas said that his dad was bringing home a bomber, and sure enough, when his father did arrive, he handed Douglas a little yellow toy bomber.
L.A.C. Harold Evans of Niagara Falls arrived with, what is suspected as being, a new addition — a full-fledged moustache. Not content with that, he has begun to foster a goatee, but how far he is allowed to proceed with that is pure conjecture. Perhaps he will be influenced by his family to drop his ambitious plan.
Most of the members of the City Council were present to assist in welcoming the veterans. Alfred Smees, in charge of arrangements for the official welcome, was on hand, as usual. The East Hamilton Legion Pipe Band entertained relatives with their music, and the Salvation Army provided refreshments. Organizations represented included citizens' committee, Central Kiwanis, Rotary Club, Kinsmen Club, Lions Club, Canadian Red Cross Society, Hamilton branch; Zone 8 Legion, East Hamilton Legion, Imperial Comrades' Association, and No. 153 Army and Navy. Driver Shirley Moffat of the transport section, Canadian Red Cross Society, drove men who had no transportation to their homes.


Victories Include:

27 July 1944 one Me109 Destroyed

"Early that morning while the Rams were returning from a recce around Mezidon, Laigle and Falaise, they engaged in a serious dog-fight with about 15 Messerschmitts and Focke-Wulfs southeast of Caen. Seven 109s and one 190 were destroyed. One 109 by the squadron’s new CO, Hugh Trainor, and the others by Sandy Halcrow, George Johnson, Bill McRae, Cliff Wyman, F/O G. A. Bell and P/O Murray Havers. The 190 was destroyed by F/L A. E. Morrison."




Thanks to Dr. Grant Havers for the photos & infos !

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