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London, 8 Feb. 1944 - (CP) - The number of R.C.A.F. units now overseas has been swelled to about 40 with the arrival in the United Kingdom of several squadrons.
Overseas headquarters announced the arrival today and said the units arrived with a full complement of air and ground crews, but did not disclose the type of squadrons. The airmen, who came from many parts of Canada, included fighter pilots, some of whom have completed one tour of operations overseas.
The announcement said the units, which were accompanied by a large draft of personnel for all branches of the service, including the Women's Division and nursing sisters, were complete. They arrived by ocean transport, presumably without aircraft, which probably will be provided in the United Kingdom.
Welcoming them, G/C G. C. Bond of the Air Ministry said, "We are most grateful for all the Dominions are doing in all parts of the world and especially for the very large part your airmen now are taking in the air offensive in Europe, which is a magnificent contribution toward hastening victory.
Canada's air arm in the United Kingdom alone includes the bomber group, flying giant Lancasters and Halifaxes, two fighter wings with Spitfires, and other squadrons equipped with Beaufighters, Mosquitos and Mustangs, as well as Coastal Command flying boat units.
A Canadian Spitfire fighter squadron is in action in Italy and there is a flying boat unit in Ceylon.
S/L Brad Walker, D.F.C., of London, Ont., was one of the pilots returning for a second tour of operations. He has seen action against the Germans in Europe and the Japanese in the Aleutians. Others included S/L H. W. McLeod, D.F.C. and Bar, Regina, and S/L W. H. Pentland, Calgary, who distinguished themselves in Britain and the Middle East, and S/L R. W. Norris of Saskatoon, who has flown in Britain, Newfoundland and Canada. Walker is among a number of fliers holding the United States Air Medal for deeds over the Atlantic.
Ontario arrivals included:
F/L S. H. R. Cotterill, 3 Claxton Blvd., Toronto; F/O's J. T. Marriott, C. E. Scarlett, Toronto; W. I. Williams, Tilbury; A. Hunter, Hamilton; A. J. Horrell, Windsor; D. G. Burgin, Windsor; J. H. Houser, 362 Herkimer St., Hamilton; P/O's S. Breggman, A. A. Cole, H. M. Dale, C. E. Whitaker, Toronto; L. H. Wilson, Stratford; V. A. Stortz, Kenilworth; J. G. N. LeJambe, Timmins; F/Sgts. M. E. Maloney, 674 Kingston, Rd., Toronto; W. E. Deforest, Merritton; J. H. E. Contant, Cornwall; Sgts. J. M. Turner, Peterborough; D. A. Veri, Hagersville; K. L. Roth, Woodstock; W. G. Dunk, Fort William; J. E. Dale and M. G. Richardson, Ottawa.


Born 4 April 1920 in Windsor, Ontario
Son of Herbert John & Anna Horrell of Windsor
Husband of Shirley Edith Horrell of Windsor
Married 31 August 1944 in Windsor, Ontario
Enlisted 17 November 1941 in Windsor
Graduated from No. 8 SFTS on 4 December 1942
Winged and commissioned - SN J/21413
Sent to No. 1 OTU Bagotville
Posted to 129 Squadron RCAF in June 1943
Posted to the UK at the end of the year
Subsequently joining 443 Squadron
KIA 11 October 1944
Buried at Venray War Cemetery (Netherlands)


443 Squadron
Members of 443 Sqn. Standing left to right are: T.G. Munroe, Len H. Wilson, Percival Edward Ferguson, Louis Paul Emile Piche, Alex Hunter, C.E. Scarlett, Gord Ockenden, Wally McLeod, Les Foster, Vince Shenk, Arthur Horrell, Ivor Williams & Ferguson?. Kneeling are: Luis Perez-Gomez, unknown, William A. Aziz, Rooney A. Hodgins? & P.G. "Bickers" Bockman. Piche & Horrell died together in a flying accident on 11 Oct. 1944.


London, 29 Sept. 1944 - (CP) - Spitfire pilots of three Canadian fighter wings destroyed at least 28 German aircraft today, raising their score for the week to more than 80. The RCAF reported from Belgium that pilots of a Belgian-based wing under the command of W/C W. R. MacBrien of Ottawa, shot down nine German planes and damaged two others. A Reuter News agency correspondent in a field dispatch credited wings commanded by W/C Dal Russel, D.F.C., of Westmount, Que., and W/C J. E. (Johnny) Johnson English-born leader of a Canadian wing, with 10 and nine, respectfully. F/L Gordon Ockenden of Edmonton, F/L Gordon Smith of Nelson, B.C., and F/O R.A. Hodgins of Ottawa each scored double victories as MacBrien's wing smashed up German formations of fighters over Nijmegen, Holland, near the northern tip of the British 2nd Army's corridor through Holland. Single kills were credited to F/O A. J. Horrell of Windsor, Ont., F/O K. M. Langmuir of Toronto, and F/L Cap Foster of Grimsby, Ont. F/L B. T. Gilmour of St. Thomas, Ont., and F/O F. R. Kearns of Quyon, Ont., each claimed to have damaged an enemy plane. Foster's victory was a "revenge" kill. The Grimsby pilot was forced to bail out behind the Allied lines Sunday when an ME-109 blew up the engine of his Spitfire, but today he got another ME-109 in his sights and brought it down with a four-second burst. "I was pretty mad and thinking of what happened to me the other day," Foster said. "He blew up, and I had to dodge the debris. I guess things are evened up now." Names of the scorers in the wings commanded by Russel and Johnson were not immediately available.


Arthur & Louis graves
"Picture of Arthur Horrell & Louis Pichè's field graves near the place of the crash in Deurne, Netherlands. The grave on the right is a German grave. He was hastily buried there after the war. This area was a battle area for several weeks - See 'Operation Aintree'." - (photo & info from "Fred" - findagrave volunteer)

Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, 24 November 1944 – The Department of National Defense for air today issued Casualty List No. 1049 of the Royal Canadian Air Force, showing next-of-kin of those from Ontario includes:

Missing After Air Operations

HORRELL, Arthur James, F/O. Mrs. A. J. Horrell (wife), 954 Windsor Ave., Windsor
PICHE, Louis Paul Emile, F/O. New London, Conn., U.S.A.


Army Casualties

Ottawa, 5 Sept. 1945 - The Department of National Defense today, issued Casualty Lists Nos. 1264 and 1265 of the Canadian Army Overseas, showing the following from Ontario with next of kin:

Previously Missing, Now Officially Presumed Dead

HORRELL, Arthur James, F/O. Mrs. A. J. Horrell (wife), 954 Windsor Ave., Windsor
PICHE, Louis Paul Emile, F/O. New London, Conn., U.S.A. (Casualty list #1266)


About the crash

Pilot was F/O Louis Paul Emile Piche age 33 of New London, Connecticut & Horrell, age 24 was the passenger.

Both were Spitfire pilots with 443 Squadron which was stationed at B-82 Grave, Netherlands at the time.

Piche was flying Horrell to B-70, Antwerp, to collect a Spitfire to ferry back to B-70.

Auster (NJ669 of 127 Wing) wandered over the German lines and was shot down by 20-mm flak near Deurne.

Aircraft lost at Ysselsteyn (Deurneseweg) (Deumese Road).

Crashed near the farms of Fleurkens and Jeurissen along the Deurneseweg.

Both pilots were killed. (details)

Both are buried at Venray War Cemetery



Victories Include :

  8 Aug 1944
23 Sept 1944
29 Sept 1944
1/4 Me109
one FW190
one FW190

2.25 / 0 / 0


To learn more about Art & 443 sq., check out Pierre Legace's Blog here


Thanks to

Nicole & Fred for the pix and infos !

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