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Fliers From Many Parts of Province Promoted

August 4, 1943 - Among R.C.A.F. personnel recently commissioned in Canada are the following Ontario pilots:
Russell Parkinson, M. E. C. Cruickshank, B. L. Rabzak, J. W. R. Richardson, J. W. O. Jeffery, J. B. Patterson, W. F. Harris, G. A. Genge, J. C. A. Haliburton, A. G. Brown, W. C. M. Bell, J. B. Barron, J. H. R. Hogg, J. D. Franks, K. G. Mills, R. M. Webster, R. G. Bell, H. F. Dean, L. D. Temple, H. V. Pyke, W. C. Morrison, G. H. Kirton, R. B. Prowse, T. A. Engels and F. H. Dewar, all of Toronto.
Dugald Morrison, W. L. Beatty, both of St. Catharines; L. W. A. Frame, R. W. MacLean, R. J. Robillard, S. A. Young, all of Ottawa; G. A. Welch, J. F. Dewar, G. H. Howard, G. A. Martin, all of London; R. C. Beemer and E. G. Killaire, both of Windsor; W. E. Gourlay and F. G. Mahler, both of Galt; G. M. Atyeo and D. R. Steinman, both of Sarnia; N. W. Smart and R. V. Kingdon, both of Weston.
W. G. Leach, Chalk River; F. A. Hoyle, Hamilton; W. D. Munro, Dunnville; W. J. Newsome, Prescott; M. E. Valley, Fort William; A. T. McCaulay, Brantford; H. L. Brady, Kirkland Lake; D. J. Chisholm, Northfield Station; D. C. Campbell, Capreol; R. C. McCracken, Lakefield; J. E. Cullen, Newmarket; Joachim Jaworski, Sudbury; G. A. Parkin, Sault Ste. Marie; E. V. Berlet, Kitchener; Frank Atkinson, Waterford; M. V. G. Preston, Orillia; W. G. Hancock, Humber Bay; T. E. C. Ainslie. Comber; L. S. Pringle, St. David's; H. M. Greason, Port Rowan; R. E. Brookland, Harrow.
H. G. Langford, Dutton; A. E. Gascho, Zurich; J. M. Byrnes, Tillsonburg; J. R. Campbell, Renfrew; R. C. Crawford, Brampton; E. M. Spencer, Foxboro; O. L. Orendorff, Hornepayne; R. B. Bellerby, Owen Sound; H. H. Homuth, Mitchell; E. H. Lowrie, Oakwood; A. A. Nichols, Aylmer.


McCRACKEN, Robert Claire, F/O RCAF J.28177.
From Lakefield, Ontario.
Attended No. 61 OTU, Rednal, September 1944.
Flew with 411 Squadron.
Was with Dick Audet when he got his 5 in 5 minutes.
Shot down by flak 26 March 1945 - POW.


Canadian Pilot Downs 5 Huns In 5-Minute Battle Over Reich

London, Dec. 31, 1944 - (CP) – F/L Richard J. Audet, 22-year-old Spitfire pilot of a Canadian wing operating with the British 2nd Tactical Air Force, had never before downed an enemy aircraft — but in five blazing minutes over Osnabruck he racked up five kills on Friday.
His feat was performed as Canadian fliers smashing at German communication targets in the Rhineland were met by stiff enemy aerial opposition.
Audet's victims were three Focke-Wulf 190's, one Messerschmitt 109 and an unspecified aircraft (another 109 -jf).
Pilots in this wing destroyed a total of nine German aircraft, probably destroyed another two and damaged six. They also smashed at Nazi rail traffic, destroying four locomotives, damaging 13 and damaging 75 freight cars.
The wing's four remaining kills were scored by F/L E. C. Ireland of Toronto, F/L M. Cook of Boston Creek, Ont., F/O Arthur McCracken of Lakefield, Ont., and F/O Cameron of Toronto. All their victims were Focke Wulf 190's (McCracken's was a 109 -jf).
The other two kills went to F/O Robert Laurence of Edson, Alta., without firing his guns. He was attacked by five German aircraft over a distance of about 10 miles and was taking evasive action, turning first toward an "FW" on his beam. When the latter attempted to follow in tight circles, it crashed and burst into flames. As he circled he bounced past an Me109 and was just about to open fire when the German, attempting to make too tight a circle, crashed.


No.61 OTU Rednal
Sept. 1944, No.61 OTU, Rednal - from the left: Landsman (Czech), Ken Sage (K-killed), Vern McClung (K), Joe McCann, Keith Lindsay, Don Cleghorn (POW), Micky Harrison, Bob McCracken (POW), Ron Beasley (K)


Victories Include :

29 Dec 1944

one Me109 destroyed

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Photos from the Dove collection

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