John David Roger

RCAF   410 Squadron Medical officer

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John Roger

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Dr. John David Roger
Born in Ottawa Ontario, 13 July 1916
He joined the RCAF in June 1942
After interrupting his postgraduate work as
Assistant Neurological resident
at the Neurological institute New York
(Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center)
because he felt he had acquired sufficient education
to be of use and was more needed in the war.
He was 410 Squadron Medical Officer
Back to Canada & released from the RCAF in March 1946
He returned to Ottawa & worked for many years as a
Doctor of Internal medicine (spec. Cardiology & Radiology)


410 Squadron Photos

  • Mark Caldwell (naval night fighter in training), Robbie Robinson, Ken Irlan, Robbie Roberts. March 1944

  • April 1944. Verne Williams (Nav. for Joe Schultz) in foreground

  • Bob Bayliss, S.B. "Red" Huppart, W. A. Dexter. Apr. 1944

  • In front of Walton's, Castle Camps, April 1944. George ? on right

  • Johnny Miller, G.T. "Porky" Edwards, Bill Tench at Walton's, Castle Camps, April 1944

  • Stan "Unk" Malouf at Vimy Memorial, Nov.1944

  • Charles "Chuck" or "Pop" Edinger leaving Dispersal, Dec 1944, Lille-Vendeville

  • Doc Williams (PHD in high frequency engineering - Radar specialty) and unknown at Lille-Vendeville. Dec 1944

  • Vincent and Jack W. Roff. Cutting wood for the central heating

  • Ted Sexsmith and 'Spy' Eric Knight. Plane recognition practice. Amiens-Glisy, winter 1945

  • Joe Schultz behind gun, 2nd from top left - William "Nick" Nixon (RAF), Keith McCormick's Navigater. 2nd from right in back looks like Don MacKenzie and bottom right is William A. Dexter.

  • Joe Schultz plus Al Harrington (or Pop Edinger), July 1944 at Zeals

  • Leading Aircraftman George Stephens (left) chats with American Lieutenant Al Harrington
    who joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and then transferred to the United States Army Air Force

  • Mess outside ping pong room, winter 1945

  • LT. Al Harrington USAAF

  • Interview with Verne Williams and Joe Schultz morning of Dec 11, 1943 after they down 3 Dornier 217s in one flight in 14 minutes.
    George H. Elms, Wing Commander on the right

  • Ian MacIntosh, Al Grant and mud. Amiens-Glisy, winter 1945

  • G. Abner "Ab" Hiltz, Amiens-Glisy, winter 1945

  • Eric "Collie" Collis, in pilot gear, Amiens-Glisy winter 1945

  • Doug Yao and Ross "Curry 'em" Currie, winter 1945

  • Dennis Tongue RAF and John (Jack) Bampfield at Mess, end of Feb 1945

  • Davidson, J. W. Fullerton and boar skin, at Pisciculture, Amiens-Glisy winter 1945.
    David Roger says: "It was the first fresh meat we had had for a long time."

  • Ben E. Plumer in cap, winter 1945 Amiens-Glisy

  • Andy S. "Paddy" Anderson and N.W. "Brick" Bradford at mess. End of Feb 1945

  • Abner "Ab" Hiltz, Jack Bampfield, plus 1 other on ski day, Mont Blanc, Mageve. Feb-Mar 1945

  • Winter (Jan - Mar) 1945. Cougar Club "union committee." President Jake Cummings expounding in center

  • 410 Squadron personnel at swimming hole between Reyen and Breda, Holland. June 3, 1945

  • 410 Squadron personel Gilze-Ruen, Holland. June 14, 1945

410 Squadron Photos - Roger Collection




Thanks to Jean Roger for the photos & infos !

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