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PL-26336, 26 November 1943

Top Row:

1) Homer "Wally" Walters, Bloomfield
2) John G. Greenwood, London, Ont.
3) E. "Gus" Garry, Ottawa
4) Ron Knewstub, Winnipeg
5) John M. "Hendy" Henderson, Westmount
6) Algernon "Algy" Middleton, Argentina

Middle row:

1) Harry Godfrey, Toronto
2) Bill Kennedy, Toronto
3) Bill Jessiman, MID, Ft. William

Bottom row:

1) Ian McLeod, Toronto
2) George A. Rogers, Toronto
3) Orlin Ronald "Jake" Alexander, Kirkland Lake
4) Peter O. "Lefty" MacDonell, Ottawa
5) Harold R. Pinsent, Argentina
6) Arthur S. "Art" Collins, DFC, Renfrew
7) Tony Stephens, Calgary
8) L.C. Brown [3], Vancouver

Help with verifying the identities of these men is always appreciated.

Thanks go out to Brian and Kelly. I now believe all the names to be correct but don't hesitate to email me if you have something to say.


400 Squadron pilots before D-Day, Odlham, England, 1944

400 Squadron pilots before D-Day, Odlham, England, 1944
Photo from "Spitfire The Canadians" by Robert Bracken where photo credits are given to Ed Maloney & Arthur Collins

Front row:

01) F/L Malcolm G. "Mac" Brown, DFC
02) F/L Evan "Tip" Tummon
03) S/L Paul Bissky
04) F/L Harold Pinsent
05) F/L James Stephens
06) F/O John Godfrey [1]
6½) P/O "Ben” (mascot)
07) F/O Angus "Mac" McKiggan
08) F/L Gus Maloney, DFC
09) F/O Ron Knewstub

Middle row:

01) F/L Homer "Wally" Walters
02) F/L Larry Seath, MiD
03) F/O John Greenwood
04) S/L Richard "Dick" Ellis, DFC
05) F/O Wes Kennedy [2]
06) F/O John Brown [3]
07) F/L "Art" Collins, DFC
08) F/L G. Stewart Brown, DFC [5]
09) F/L Peter "Lefty" MacDonell
10) F/O John "Hendy" Henderson
11) F/L Art Hunter, DFC
12) F/L Alan "Oley" Carlson, DFC

Back row:

01) F/L Harry Furniss (POW)
02) F/L Paul Wigle
03) F/L John Morton, DFC [4]
04) F/O Algernon "Algy" Middleton
05) F/L Ross Matthews

[1] I believe this to be William Henry "Harry" Godfrey DFC (see top photo).
[2] I believe this to be William "Bill" Kennedy (see top photo).
[3] Top pic said L.C. Brown, bottom pic said John Brown. They look like the same man to me.
     LC may be Lloyd "Doc" Brown & John may be John Stewart Brown. This is probably "Stew".
[4] This man was labled as "Joe" Morton, might be a nickname.
[5] Confirmed by his niece, Ann.

Help with verifying the identities of these men is always appreciated




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