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Jack Bamford of 421 Squadron

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Hamilton Flier Gets 3 As RCAF Bags 9 Huns

An R.C.A.F. Base In England, June 15, 1944 — (CP) — A Canadian Spitfire squadron racing over the Caen area of the Normandy Beachhead in support of Allied troops locked in battle on the ground tore into a formation of 20 ME-109's today and blasted nine of them out of the sky. Another was damaged.
The squadron was led by F/L J. F. McElroy of Port Arthur, Ont, and Kamloops, B.C.
A general melee developed when the Canadians sighted the Germans flying directly toward them at 15,000 feet. Before the brief, vicious action ended, F/O J. N. Bamford of Hamilton, Ont., destroyed three enemy planes; F/L J. N. Paterson, Toronto, and F/O W. Warfield, Tudo City, N.Y., each got two; and F/L W. N. Stranath and F/O W. F. Cook, Trenton, Ont., each got one.
McElroy was credited with a probable and F/L E. D. Grant, Coniston, Ont., with a damaged enemy plane.
McElroy and F/L B. T. Gilmour, St. Thomas, Ont., crash-landed in France during the action, but word was received at this base tonight that both are safe.
Bamford's kills were a model of unwasted, lethal action. He went first for a Messerschmitt that had another Spitfire on its tail and sent the Nazi spinning to the ground with strikes on the engine from 150 yards. He sighted a second to starboard as he broke from the first fight and set this plane afire in a swift attack.
As he was diving after this victory, a third ME-109 cut across his path and Bamford poured bullets into him as he followed him down. He watched the German hit the ground. Bamford pulled out of his dive almost at ground level with his Spitfire going more than 400 miles an hour.
Most of the other pilots scored their victories almost as quickly, but Grant's cannon jammed when he had a Nazi cold and he had to follow him almost to the ground and chase him 20 miles before breaking off combat because he was out of ammunition.


Born 12 February 1916 in Hamilton, Ontario.
Home in Hamilton, Ontario.
Enlisted in Toronto, 17 January 1941.
Graded as pilot instructor and promoted to Sgt. 7 June '41
Posted to
No.6 (or 19) EFTS to instruct.
No.6 SFTS on 10 October 1942
(graduated 30 Dec. 1942 and commissioned the next day).
To "Y" depot, Halifax, 13 January 1943.
Overseas 2 February 1943.
Served briefly with the RAF.
With 421 Squadron RCAF.
Missing (POW) 27 June 1944 when his Spit (MK969) was hit
by flak while dive-bombing. He crash-landed near Varaville.
Safe in the UK, 12 May 1945.
Repatriated to Canada, 30 May 1945.
Released from the RCAF, 13 December 1945.
Award sent by registered mail, 20 November 1948.


BAMFORD, F/O Jack (C22669) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.421 Squadron
Award effective 4 August 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and
AFRO 2052/44 dated 22 September 1944.

This officer has participated in many sorties and has invariably displayed commendable courage and keenness. In June 1944, Flying Officer Bamford took part in an engagement against a large force of enemy fighters, three of which he shot down. In this spirited action he displayed skill and resolution of a high order.



August 3, 1944 - Another Hamilton fighter pilot has achieved the enviable record of four enemy planes destroyed and a score more damaged and probably destroyed. He is F/L George W. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson, 102 Beechwood Avenue, who knocked down another Hun fighter over Normandy battlefields yesterday. F/L William Olmsted, son of Major R. I. Olmsted, M. C., and Mrs. Olmsted, and F/L Jack Bamford, D.F.C., share the record of four "certain kills” F/L Bamford is now missing.

According to a Canadian Press dispatch from France, "three German aircraft were destroyed over the battlefronts yesterday by Canadian Spitfire pilots flying from Normandy bases. One fell to F/L R. R. Bouskill, of Toronto; one to F/L R. H. Cull, of Alberta, and one to F/L Johnson.
Now into his second tour of operations, F/L Johnson has scored at least three of his kills since D-day.

According to today's dispatch from overseas, the Canadians are members of a squadron commanded by S/L Charlie Trainor, of Charlottetown, and their victories raised to 92 since D-day the score of the wing led by W/C Dal Russel, of Montreal. An individual victory was marked up Wednesday by F/O Terry Saunderson, of Dorval, Que., who forced a German pilot to bale out at 3,000 feet.


Award Decorations To Seven in RCAF

Ottawa, Aug. 3, 1944 - (CP) - Air Force Headquarters announced tonight the award of seven decorations to members of the RCAF serving overseas, comprising one Bar to the Distinguished Flying Crass, five DFCs and one Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Flying). One of those receiving the DFC has since been reported missing. The awards:

Bar to DFC
F/L J. F. McElroy, Kamloops, B.C.

S/L H. G. Keillor, Mitchell, Ont.
F/O C. A. Wondolowski, Bridgeport, Conn.
F/O J. Bamford, Hamilton, (since reported missing).
P/O L. A. Mann, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.
W/O A. I. Korman, Noranda, Que.

CGM (Flying)
Sgt. P. Engbrecht, Whitewater, Manitoba



Flight-Lieut. Jack Bamford, Since Reported Missing, Is Commended For Gallantry

4 August 1944 - Member of a Canadian Spitfire squadron who shot down three enemy fighter planes in a single action over Normandy, Flight-Lieut. Jack Bamford, 158 Cameron avenue, who since has been reported missing, has earned the Distinguished Flying Cross, according to an announcement from R.C.A.F. headquarters, Ottawa. Flight- Lieut. Bamford is believed to have a score of four enemy planes destroyed.
A former member of the Hamilton Aero Club, Flight-Lieut. Bamford learned to fly at the age of 18 years. He went to Ottawa the day before war was declared with George Bennett, veteran parachute jumper, where both enlisted. After a period of instructional duty in Canada he was posted overseas.
His wife and children live at the Cameron avenue address. His father, Henry Bamford, resides at Van Wagner’s Beach. Flight-Lieut. Bamford gave up a successful business, the Bamford Motor Sales, when he enlisted.

Model of Accuracy
According to a Canadian Press report of the action in which the three planes were shot down, a general melee developed when Canadians sighted the Germans flying directly toward them at 15,000 feet. Before the brief but vicious action was over, Flying Officer Bamford, well into his second tour of operations, shot down three of them, for the top score of his squadron.


Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, Aug. 7, 1944 — The Department of National Defense for Air today issued casualty list No. 955 of the Royal Canadian Air Force, showing next of kin of those named from Ontario, the names include :

Missing After Air Operations

BAMFORD, Jack, FO. Mrs. Jack Bamford (wife), 158 Cameron Ave., Hamilton.
BILLING. Gerald Daniel, FO. D. Billing  (father), Essex,  Ont.
BOWKER, Harlow Wilbur, FO. Granby, Que.


Air Force Casualties

Ottawa, 29 Aug. 1944 - The Department of National Defense for Air today issued Casualty List No. 974 of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Showing next of kin of those named from Ontario

Previously Reported Missing on Active Service, Now Reported Safe:

BRADSHAW, Thomas Richard, W/O, Edmonton
BROWN, Robert Gordon, F/L - Pte, Brown, D.E. (wife), CWAC, Hamilton
NEEDHAM, William Barry, F/L, Wynyard, Sask.
REID, Norman Leslie, W/O, Edmonton
WALZ, Donald Melvin, F/L, Moose Jaw.

Previously Reported Missing on Active Service, Now Reported Prisoners of War (Germany)

BAMFORD. Jack, D.F.C., FO. Mrs.Jack Bamford (wife), 158 Cameron Ave. Hamilton.


F/L Jack Bamford Reported To Be Prisoner of War

Three Hamilton airmen are missing; a city D.F.C. winner is a prisoner of war, and another Hamilton R.C.A.F. officer is now known to be safe after previously being reported missing, according to latest casualty reports reaching here.
The prisoner of war, F/L Jack Bamford, whose wife and children are living at 158 Cameron avenue, was awarded the D.F.C. earlier this year for shooting down three enemy aircraft in a single action over Normandy. “Bamford’s kills were a model of unwasted lethal action,” according to a Canadian Press report of the action. He failed to return from a Spitfire fighter sweep later.
A former member of the Hamilton Aero Club, F/L Bamford learned to fly at the age of 18. He went to Ottawa the day before war was declared and enlisted. He was posted overseas after a period of instructional duty in Canada.

W.O. Rogers
Reported missing is WO2 Lynn H. Rogers, son of Mrs. F. C. Rogers, of 197 Houghton avenue south. Enlisting in May of 1939, Warrant Officer Rogers served for two years on the east coast as an aero mechanic. Remustering for air crew, he was awarded his wings at Dauphin, Man., March, 1943, and was posted overseas in June, 1943.
Two district men reported missing are P/O Kenneth Armond Galloway, son of D. T. Galloway, of Milton West, Ont., and F/O John Alfred Levi, son of A. F. Levi, of Beamsville.
F/L Robert Gordon Brown, husband of Pte. D. E. Brown, C.W.A.C., this city, previously listed missing, is now reported safe.


Victories Include :

15 June 1944 two Me109s
one Me109
destroyed &
probable  (Caen area)

2 / 1 / 0

Possibly one more destroyed according to news papers.

Despite reports 2TAF gave him credit as seen above.

To read his combat report for this engagement, see THIS page.




Thanks to grandson Jesse for the photos & infos !

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