Canadian Fighter Pilots - WW2

With kills (shoot downs) or skills (medals for gallantry) - Last name beginning with Sm to Sz

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John Small Blake Smiley  
D Small
John Small
Blake Smiley
Alistair Angus Smith Albert Ivan Smith Andrew Smith
Al A Smith
Andy Smith
Doug A Smith
Doug Smith Edward Smith - photo needed Edward Smith - photo needed Forgrave "Hiram" Smith
Doug M Smith
Eric Smith
Ted Smith
Gordon Smith Jerrold "Jerry" Smith James "Smudger" Smith - photo needed Randolph "Smitty" Smith
Gordon Smith
Smitty Smith
Robert "Bob" Smith Roderick "Rod" Smith Victor "Vic" Smith  
Vic Smith
Ross Smither Sydney Smither   Robert "Bob" Snowdon
Ross Smither
Sydney Smither
Bob Snowdon
Doc Somers James "Red" Somerville Frank Sorensen
Doc Somers
Frank Sorge
John Southwood Richard Sparling Al Speare
John Southwood
Richard Sparling
N H Spencer
Ed Spiller Robert "Bob" Spooner Lawrence "Larry" Spurr Weldon Stacey
Ed Spiller
Larry Spurr
Weldon Stacey
Noel Stansfeld George Starkey Weston "Wes" Stauble

Richard "Dad" Stayner

Noel Stansfeld
George Starkey
Wes Stauble
Dad Stayner
Don Steele Williams "Bill" Steele Hugh "Stevie" Steeves
Don Steele
Bill Steele
Hugh Steeves
G Stephen
Gordon "Stevie" Stephen
Gord Stephen
Dale Stephens
Jim Stephens
G Stephenson
William "Bill" Stephenson A W Sterrenberg James Stevenson
W Stephenson
A Sterrenberg
Chuck Stevens
Jim Stevenson
George Stewart Lloyd Stewart William "Bill" Stewart Franz Stigler
George Stewart
Lloyd Stewart
Bill Stewart
Franz Stigler
Robert "Bob" Stolzle Charles "Smokey" Stover William "Bill" Stowe William "Bill" Stronach
Bob Stolzle
Bill Stronach
Allan Studholme H Sutton

Charlie Symons

Al Studholme
H M B Sutton
J A Swan
Charles Symons
John Symons      
John Symons


Canadian WW2 Fighter Pilots
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