Canadian Fighter Pilots - WW2

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Robert "Bunt" Waddell Lance Wade Howard Wainman Art Walker
Bunt Waddell
H Wainman
Art Walker
Brad Walker James Walker Jimmy Walker
Brad Walker
C A Walker
LeClaire Walker Roy Walker Clare Wallace
Jim Walker
LeClare Walker
Kelly Walker
Clare Wallace
Robert Wallace Don "Curly" Walz Bill Warfield
Ed Wallace
Bob Wallace
Don Walz
Bill Warfield
Bruce Warren Doug Warren Al Watkins Hub Watlington
Duke Warren
Duke Warren
Al Watkins
Hub Watlington
Freddie Watson Ian Watson Richard Watson Tom Watson
Fred Watson
Ian Watson
Dick Watson
Tom Watson
J A Watt Len Watt
Charlie Watt
John Watt
Len Watt
Bob Weatherill
Claude Weaver G R Weber Bill Weeks John Weir
G R Weber
Scruffy Weir
Hawkeye Wells Ralph Weston Jimmy Whalen
Hawkeye Wells
Ralph Weston
Tom Wheler   Bruce Whiteford  
Jim Whitham George Whitman Gerald Whitney Bill Whitside
Jim Whitham
Lefty Whitman
Gerry Whitney
Bill Whitside
Russ Wiens George Wiley
W H Whittaker
Russ Wiens
Bill Wigmore
George Wiley
  Bill Wilkinson  
Bill Wilkinson
A A Williams
Blackie Williams Ivor Williams
D Williams
Ivor Williams
John "Willie The Kid" Williams WR "Dick" Williams Charles Willis
Dick Williams
Chuck Willis
Denny Wilson D M Wilson Fred Wilson G A Wilson
D M Wilson
G A Wilson
Len Wilson
Len Wilson
Bob Wilson
Roger Wilson
Roy Wilson
Lewis "Wally" Woloschuk
Tom Wilson
Willie Wilson
Terry Winslow
Lou Woloschuk
Gord Wonnacott Cyril Wood Ed "Eep" Wood Guy Wood
Cyril Wood
Guy Wood
Ken Woodhouse   Pat Woodruff
Ken Woodhouse
Ken Woodill
Pat Woodruff
Eric Woods William Blakeney Woods  
Lee Woods
Blake Woods
Woody Woodward Stewart Wooley John Woolgar John Wright
Stu Wooley
Jake Woolgar
Gary Wright
John Wright Cliff Wyman J H Wyman Vasseure Wynn
John Wright
Cliff Wyman
Jacob Wyman
Georgia Wynn


Canadian WW2 Fighter Pilots
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