Canadian Fighter Pilots - WW2

With kills (shoot downs) or skills (medals for gallantry) - Last name beginning with Cj to Cz

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Courtney "Brian" Clacken Fred "Knobby" Clarke  
Brian Clacken
Everett Clark
Fred Clarke
Justin Clermont Howie Cleveland   Loui Cochand
Justin Clermont
Art "Cocky" Cochrane Homer Cochrane Lynn Cocker Oscar Coen
Lynn Cocker
Oscar Coen
Bob Coffee Edward "King" Cole Art Coles Jim Collier
Bob Coffey
Ed Cole
Art Coles
Arthur Collins Franklin Kay Collins Sandy Colville Stuart Connacher
Art Collins
Kay Collins
Stu Connacher
  Bud Connell Wally Conrad Robert Cook
Bud Connell
Bob Cook
Bill Cook Gib Coons I A Cooper Mike Cooper-Slipper
"Cookie" Cook
Gib Coons
I A Cooper
Jack "Jake" Copeland Stuart "Corby" Corbett Vaughan "Bon" Corbett
Ted Copp
Bon Corbett
John "Jack" Cornell Stan Cosburn Digby Cosh
G H Corrigan
Stan Cosburn
William Cosman George Costello Stan Cotterill
Bill Cosman
George Costello
V E Cottrell
Henry Cowan (Cohen) James M. E. Coyne James P. Coyne
Henry Cowan
Jack Coyne
Jim Coyne
Harold Craft
  James Cram Harvey Crawford  
Jim Cram
Joe Crichton Eric Crist Gordon Crosby
Joe Crichton
Eric Crist
Rod Croome
Bing Crosby
Francis Crowley Lawrence Cryderman Dick Cull
Frank Crowley
L E Cryderman
Jr. Cunningham
Lewin "Bunny" Curphey Ross Currie John "Crash" Curry William Curtis
Ross Currie
Bill Curtis
Don Cuthbertson Bob "Cut" Cutting Martin "Cy" Cybulski
Hugh Cush
D Cuthbertson
Cut Cutting
Cy Cybulski


Canadian WW2 Fighter Pilots
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